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[Patch Notes 20th of December - IMMORTAL Update Part 2 (KLOH)]

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[Patch Notes - IMMORTAL Update Part 2]


  • Added Tier 11 Gear

     You can evolve Tier 10 gear to Tier 11 through NPC Brock or the Equipment Evolution button

     Evolving Tier 10 gear requires 6000 Element Stone and 6000 Orichalcum

     Tier 11 gear has a maximum of Lv.11 Active and Lv.32 Passive

    Added Tier 11 Legend/Myth/Ring boxes to Equipment Hire special Chance

     Added Tier 11 Legendary Box to NPC Supply Officer Robin

     Added Tier 11 Legendary Box / Ring Box to NPC Camillian

  • Every weapon type has been re-balanced

     Power of Guns has been increased to decrease the gap between other ranged weapons

     Cannons have had their minimum damage increased

     Staff and Tome weapons have greatly increased basic damage, magic armor has also been increased to prevent it from being too strong in PvP

  • Secret Chambers has been expanded to Floor 25.


  • 'Christmas Party' Event has started
    Duration: 20th of December - 27th of December
    Info: Earn Party Invitations by completing daily missions and exchange for rewards

    15 Party Invitations - 1x Myth+ Random Ticket (Immortal Update) - Max. 1 Exchange
    10 Party Invitations - 2000 Demigod Essence - Max. 2 Exchanges
    7 Party Invitations - 1000 Rune Essence - Max. 3 Exchanges
    6 Party Invitations - 1x Magic Wand of Active Strengthening Box - Max 2 Exchanges
    5 Party Invitations - 1x Mythic Ticket - Max. 3 Exchanges
    1 Party Invitation - 1.000.000 Gold - Max. 100 Exchanges

    *Myth+ Random Ticket (Immortal Update): Hire 1 random Mythic+ Hero from Saraquael to Saint Tippareth.

  • 'Rita's Discount' Event has started
    Duration: 20th of December - 27th of December
    Info: 30% discount when enhancing passive levels at Rita for Legendary, Mythic and Ancient Dragon gear

  • 'Bounty Hunter & Phase Rift increased rewards' Event has started
    Duration: 20th of December - 27th of December
    Info: Increased amount of Orichalcum reward from Bounty Hunter, Increased amount of Enhanced Catalyst and Element stones from Phase Rift

  • Added Legendary Essence to the Cumulative Playtime daily event

[Mythic Medals]

  • Mythic Medals have been exchanged to Old Mythic Medals

  • Added Tier 11 Legendary and Tier 10 Legendary equipment boxes to NPC Menelaus's shop


  • Adjusted the prices of some Mythic Essence exchanges


  • Increased the purchase limit of Element Stone and Orichalcum boxes from NPC Supply Officer Robin to 100 and 10000 respectively


  • Guide Phrase added to Exploration end window

  • Compensation is paid according to the last battle won (Compensation will not be paid if there was no victory)

  • You can no longer get Rank D Jewels from newly acquired Jewel Boxes

  • When a hero is feared, their dying animation will be displayed

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where if Chaos Abyss was completed, the notification did not display

  • Fixed an issue where some sounds played when the volume was turned down in the game settings

  • Fixed an issue with the fusion tab

  • Fixed an issue where Haniel's Santa Lady costume wasn't affected by lighting

  • Fixed an issue where Lv.8 Active rings were abnormally low in the Tier 7 Ring box

  • Fixed an issue where a Demigod descended from Yaksha Lu Bu would deal abnormally low damage in certain situations


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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