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[Patch Notes 31st of August - LEGACY Update Part 1 (KLOH)]

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[Patch Notes 31st of August - LEGACY Update Part 1]

[Important updates and Events]

  • Legacy Update Part 1 has been released, the second part is scheduled for September and will include 5 new stories and 5 PvP Balance Adjustments

  • 'Legacy Update commemoration attendance check' Event has started
    Info: Legacy Attendance Event is part 5 to the Attendance Events, day 29-35, and rewards will be given after you completed the previous Attendance Events

    Day 28 - Mythic Select Ticket x1
    Day 29 - Tier 9 Legendary Equipment Box x5
    Day 30 - Dragon Heart x3000
    Day 31 - Legendary Select Ticket x3
    Day 32 - Equipment Hire Ticket x3
    Day 34 - Hearts x2000
    Day 35 - Legacy Premium Mythic Select Ticket x1

    *Legacy Premium Mythic Select Ticket: Choose 1 hero from Saraquael to Kagei

  • New Player Attendance Board, Normal Attendance Board and Returning Player Attendance Board has been reorganized
    Info: All Attendance Boards have improved rewards, the reward for day 28 on the Normal Attendance Board will be Legacy Premium Mythic Random Ticket, this ticket will hire a random Premium Mythic hero

  • 'Ancient Artifact Excavation' event has started
    Duration: 31st of August - 28th of September

    Part 1: Ancient Excavation!
    During Adventurer's battles, there is a 10% chance to get Old Slab item, exchange the Old Slab at NPC Suleiman for items

    Reward Shop:
    Random Artifacts Box - 200 Old Slab - Max. 1
    Special Chance Ticket - 30 Old Slab - Max. 1
    Dragon Heart x500 - 20 Old Slab - Max. 3
    Doppelganger Queen Rank A - 15 Old Slab - Max. 3
    Staff of Magic Reinforacement Box - 10 Old Slab - Max. 3
    Sweep Ticket x100 - 5 Old Slab - Max. 5
    Hearts x300 - 5 Old Slab - Max. 5
    Legendary Essence x1000 - 5 Old Slab - Max. 10

    10 Million Gold - 10 Relic Key - Max. 10

    *Random Artifact Box contains 10000 Artifact Fragments

    Part 2: Finding Suleiman's Secret Box
    Finx NPC Chimpie on Britannia Islands and get a Glittery Secret Box, you can get 10 boxes per day

    Box Rewards (1 of the following):

    100x Rune Essence
    50x Orichalcum
    300x Rune Powder
    50x Dragon Heart
    1x Relic Key
    5x Hearts

    *Artifact Key is used to unlock the Random Artifact Box and is consumed upon use

  • 'Rita's Discount and Chance up' Event has started
    Duration: 31st of August - 7th of September
    Info: Increased Success Rate and Decreased cost at Rita when reinforcing gear

  • 'Help the new Policewoman' event has ended, NPC Policewoman Kaguya will be removed next week

[Missions and Tutorial]

  • The new Mission system is a new challenge that is sepperate from the current Challenge System

  • The Mission button will be on the bottom left on the lobby

  • Missions consist of normal and special missions, the normal missions will help players that are new up until end game players, the special missions will be unlocked at player level 20

  • Tutorial Challenges are removed and integrated into the new Mission System

[Player Level]

  • The name of 'Achievement Level' will change to 'Player Level'

  • Extended the Max Level from 50 -> 60

  • Player Experience can now be obtained in Adventurer's Diary Normal and Hard Mode

[Chrono Store]

  • Added and Changed the following items:

    Artifact Fragments
    Player Experience
    Adventurer's Energy
    Dimensional Catelyst
    Doppelganger Queen Rank EX
    Gold Bar
    Legendary Jewel
    Element Stone
    Jewel Box Rank S
    Element Stone Select Box
    Legendary Weapon/Armor/Equipment Box
    Beyond Equipment Box
    Staff of Magic Reinforacement
    Speical Chance Ticket
    Shiny Medal of Courage
    Elixer of Descent
    Legendary Essence
    Rune Powder
    Quick Battle Ticket
    Rune Essence

  • Removed Mysterious Secret Key

[Adventurer's Journal - Hard Mode]

  • Hard Mode unlocks once you complete Normal Mode

  • Hard mode has to be completed sequentially

  • Hard mode has more powerful monsters than normal mode and special rewards such as Artifact Fragment, Rune Essence, Dragon Heart and Orichalcum

  • Hard mode is limited to a certain number of attempts per day per episode

  • You can reset Hard Mode limit with Soul Gem, more resets are available at higher VIP levels

  • Cost per reset increases after every reset


  • Artifacts are exclusive equipment equiped in the Artifact Slot

  • Artifact Fragments can be completed through Hard Mode Adventurer's Journal, Artifact Dismantling and Equipment Hire

  • Artifacts can only be worn by certain heroes

  • Heroes wearing artifacts can be seen during battle, even with costume

  • Artifacts need Rune Powder and Dragon Heart as material to upgrade, aswell as Artifact Fragments

  • Using the same Artifact as additional material will increase the success chance and disassembles unused artifacts

  • Artifacts change appearance when upgraded and get stronger, they can be upgraded up to 7 times

  • Artifacts are not applied to Coliseum and can't be hold by demigods, but the Stat boosts from Artifacts are applied to demigods


  • Demigod Raid has been released, Raid has been renamed to Mythic Raid

  • Easy/Hard Raid has been integrated to Legend Raid

  • Mythic and Demigod Raid will cycle every week, one of them will be locked while the other is open

  • The list of prohibited heroes will be updated when myth raid is active so you can prepare for next week

  • Every time demigod raid is open there will be a list of prohiibted heroes, these cannot be used, the list is found on the demigod raid page

  • Demigod Raid will be paid out the same time as Mythic raid normally does, Demigod Raid pays out Artifact Fragments instead of Mythic Medals and Mythic Raid rewards have doubled


  • Added the 'Striking' system for cannons, cannon heroes with Artifacts will have a 'Chance of Striking' stat

  • Chance of Striking is the chance to deal 20% additional damage, this stacks with Critical Hits

  • Chance of Striking can be increased by leveling Artifacts

  • Number of buffs per hero during combat has increased from 20 -> 30


  • Harold and Ananta are now Legendary and Mythic

  • Hired heroes in the mail box can now move to the deployment screen

  • Blue is added to Legend and Mythic Select tickets

[Throne Wars]

  • Rules of Throne Wars changed

    The king will be declared 5 hours after the battle is over

    Compensations will be increased by 10 times

    Players appointed as king can distribute 30 prizes to their guild members

    Buffs are applyed and appointed by the King


  • Added Chapter 5 Episode 5 story, Episode 5 will be available after Legacy Update Part 2


  • If Initiative is not set for a specific mode, the Initiative on the heroes detail page will be used

  • Initiatives won't save unless you click the save button, this way it doesn't save every time you open the initiative screen

  • Fixed an issue where 'Always Use Skill' didn't work properly in Mining

  • 'Always use skill' has changed to 'Use Skill' if it's turned off the hero won't use it's skill regardless if it has fury or not

[Automatic Rune Reinforcement]

  • You can now select a level you want to get and let the Automatic Rune Reinforcement reinforce your gear continously, this can be canceled at any time

  • A screen will pop up with the information for every upgrade

  • After Lv.10 inscription you can only use Automatic Rune Reinforcement with Rune Essence


  • Added Tier numbers on normal equipment and equipment boxes

  • Tier color is a different number than legendary gear

  • Monsters no longer drop low level gear

  • Legendary Tier 7 and 8 will now be unlocked when obtained from gear boxes except if it comes from special boxes such as Strong/Brilliant (High actives/passives boxes)

[Quality of Life updates]

  • Added roles to NPCs in the NPC window

  • Abyss, Coliseum and Arena button added to lobby screen

  • Announcement page has been revised

  • Event window has been reorganized


  • Added Equipment Hire

  • You can obtain Tier 8-10 Legendary/Mythic/Ring Box, B-Legendary Jewels, Artifacts and Artifact Fragments from Equipment Hire

  • Legendary/Mythic and Ring boxes might have a prefix, Gorgeous, Brilliant or Powerful

    Gorgeous: Level 5-10 active skills and passive skill
    Brilliant: Level 7 active / Level 5-10 passive
    Powerful: Level 10 active / Level 5-10 passive

  • When hiring heroes or equipment you will now earn Mileage, once you reach a milestone you can claim your reward or save up until better rewards

  • Deleted Premium Jewel Box and Beyond Equipment Box from the shop as they are integrated into Equipment Hire


  • Helper NPC Ruri changed to Saint Tiphareth


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


Guide/Translation by Raven @

自業自得 (Raven/까마귀13)
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