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[Patch Notes 14th of December (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 14th of December (KLOH)] on Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:38 pm



[Patch Notes 14th of December (KLOH)]


  • 'Friendly Santa Harry' Event has started
    Duration: 14th of December - 11th of January
    Info: Talk to NPC Santa Harry daily to receive Christmas Boxes daily

    Collect Christmas Boxes for Rewards:

    3 Christmas Box - 500 Rune Essence
    6 Christmas Box - 1000 Dragon Heart
    9 Christmas Box - 1 Mythic Select Ticket
    12 Christmas Box - 2000 Orichalcum
    15 Christmas Box - 1 Magic Strengthening Staff Box
    18 Christmas Box - 2 Tier 10 Legendary Equipment Box
    24 Christmas Box - 1000 Demigod Essence
    30 Christmas Box - 1000 Rune Essence
    36 Christmas Box - 1 Magic Strengthening Staff Box
    42 Christmas Box - 1000 Rune Essence
    48 Christmas Box - 1 Mythic Ticket
    54 Christmas Box - 2000 Demigod Essence
    60 Christmas Box - 1500 Rune Essence
    66 Christmas Box - 1 Special Hire Ticket
    72 Christmas Box - 3 Equipment Hire Ticket
    78 Christmas Box - 3000 Artifact Shard

  • Exploration Ruins Double Reward event has ended

  • Triple Chance for High Rank Jewelry inscription event has ended


  • Improved the NPC Search function

    - In the NPC Search window, you can now directly access the menu/shop/exchange

    - Using the direct buttons, the window will be opened without additional dialogue

    Example: Inscriber Rita  will have 2 buttons, one for Passive Reinforcement, one for Active Reinforcement, clicking one of the buttons takes you to the respective interface

  • Added weapon type filter to the Hero Handbook

  • Added an option to turn on/off the VIP Bonus reward in Chaos Tower, when checked, you will get double the reward but consume your daily bonus, when unchecked you will gain normal rewards and not consume your daily bonus

  • Immortal+ Hero fusion will be improved so Myth+ heroes will not be in the material list

  • During the deployment of heroes, weapon icons will now indicate their weapon type

  • Added a message to Immortal Descent when a hero is in an arena formation

[Exploration Ruins]

  • Demigod Essence reward from Exploration will be increased by x1.5


  • Season 7 of Guild War has ended, Season 8 will start

  • Battle Scores have been reset

  • NPC Supply Officer Robin will not sell Tier 8 equipment anymore

  • You can now purchase Tier 9/10 Equipment and Demigod Essence Box (100) with Guild War Medal (S8)

  • Throne war rewards have been improved, Tier 8 gear was removed and Tier 10 gear was added



[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where special effect on premium hire wasn't displayed when pulling a demigod hero

  • Fixed an issue where invitations to raid parties were not accepted when inviting someone on the same channel

  • Fixed an issue where the Secret Chamber interface from Chaos Tower would send you to Adventurer's Diary when closing the interface

  • Fixed an issue where War God Big Tao and Devil Antares's sound effects played when the game was set to mute

  • Fixed an issue where background music would play while muted


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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