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[Patch Notes 30th of November - IMMORTAL Update Part 1 (KLOH)]

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[Patch Notes - IMMORTAL Update Part 1]


  • Immortal Update Part 1 has been applied, the UI of the game has had a major overhaul


  • 'Double Adventurer's Journal - Hard Mode Rewards' event has started
    Duration: 30th of November - Until further notice
    Info: Every Saturday and Sunday double Hard mode rewards, stacks with VIP rewards

  • 'Ruin Exploration Double Reward' event has started
    Duration: 30th of November - 14th of December
    Info: Double Dragon Heart and Demigod Essence from Exploration

  • '3x Chance to get high engravings on Jewels' event has started
    Duration: 30th of November - 14th of December
    Info: Triple Chance to get High Engravings

  • Immortal Update Attendance Page has been added to the attendance check (Page 6)
    Day 1: 1x Mythic+ Select Ticket (Saraquael ~ Saint Tipareth)
    Day 2: 3000x Rune Essence
    Day 3: 5x Equipment Hire Ticket
    Day 4: 1x Mythic+ Ticket (Saraquael ~ Saint Tipareth)
    Day 5: 1000x Heart
    Day 6: 3000x Artifact Fragment
    Day 7: 1x Fixed Ticket: Haemon (Immortal+ Rank A)

[Attendance Check]

  • Returning Player Attendance Check will be reorganized

[Hero Rank]

  • General Tickets will no longer be rewarded (Except Book of Heroes), instead, you'll now get Legendary Essence

  • Removed Heart Hire

[Immortal Hero]

  • Added Immortal and Immortal+ Rank heroes

  • Mythic+ Rank Heroes can become Immortal heroes through Immortal Descent

  • Immortal Descent Requires the Mythic+ Hero to be Lv.125, EX+5 and Lv.4 Mythic Skill

  • Immortal Descent Requires 100m Gold, 10000 Demigod Essence and 1 of the same base hero regardless of rank

  • When a hero evolved to Immortal, their Rank changes to Rank A and level to 100.

  • Immortal+ Heroes can only be obtained through Premium Hire, Special Hire and Special+ Tickets

  • Special+ Tickets can be purchased for 4000 Mythic Essence and can give you a Mythic+, Immortal+ or Doppelganger King

[Features of Immortal Heroes]

  • Immortal and Immortal+ heroes can equip a demigod like Mythic Heroes

  • Immortal and Immortal+ heroes can acquire up to Lv.8 Mythic Skills depending on their Rank, Up to Lv.5 at Rank A

  • Disassembling an Immortal or Immortal+ hero gives you 5000 Mythic Essence

[Growth of Immortal Heroes]

  • Immortal and Immortal+ heroes can only transcend by using the same hero or a Doppelganger King

  • Doppelganger King can be purchased once every 30 days for 6000 Mythic Essence, or can be obtained through Special+ Tickets

  • Immortal Heroes don't gain EXP through combat, instead, you can fuse Legendary or higher ranked heroes to them to level them up

[Equipment Reorganization]

  • Dismantling gear now has a chance to give you Rune Essence

  • *Tier 11 gear will be added in the 2nd part of the Immortal update

[Armor Assistive Technology reorganization]

  • Multiple Assistive Technologies can be activated at once through the new system

[Armor Jewelry]

  • Armor now has sockets to equip Armor Exclusive Jewelry

  • By default the first socket is open, and the 2nd and 3rd can be unlocked with Rune Essence

  • You can equip one Legendary and two regular Jewels at once

  • Attaching a Legendary Jewel changes the Assistive Technology of the Armor


  • Adventurer's Diary Hard Mode has been reduced in Difficulty

  • Adventurer's Diary has been extended to Chapter 5

  • Bounty Hunter rewards have been adjusted

  • Bounty Hunter Difficulty 5 and 6 have been added

  • Phase Rift Difficulty 9 and 10 have been added

  • Exploration Ruins Stage 10 and 11 have been added

  • Infernal Abyss Stage 61-70 has been added (Stage 70's reward: Artifact Select Box (November 2017)

[Guild Recommendation]

  • Automatic Guild Recommendation system has been added

  • Guild recommendation messages will be sent to players that have it turned on

  • Your guild will only be added to the recommendation list if you opt-in

  • You'll only get 1 guild recommendation a day if you are not in a guild

[Guild Attendance Check]

  • Guild Member Attendance check has been added

  • You can check your guild attendance through the guild interface

  • Depending on how many players have logged in, rewards will be sent at 6:00 am

  • You can check the attendance status of members through the attendance window

  • You can send a push notification to members that haven't been online that day through the Attendance Request button


  • Added Special+ Ticket for 4000 Mythic Essence, Myth+, Immortal+ and Doppelganger King can be acquired from this ticket

  • Added Tixed Ticket: Doppelganger King for 6000 Mythic Essence, you can purchase this once every 30 days


  • Closed Coliseum

  • Myth+ hero War God Pagunseong's Myth skill has been adjusted

  • Missions regarding extracting General Heroes will be changed

  • NPC Camilian's Exchange shop will be changed

  • Removed Tier 6/7/8 Equipment/Ring boxes from Camillian

  • Added Tier 10 Legendary Equipment/Ring boxes to Camillian

  • Old medals exchange for Tier 9 Equipment/Ring boxes or Rune Powder

  • Wedding Ring will now be limited to 3 per Account

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where the arena moves to the next hero while another hero is attacking with a slower animation depending on fighting speed

  • Fixed an issue where the amount of compensation from Ruins was incorrect


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