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[Patch Notes 7th of December (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 7th of December (KLOH)] on Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:33 pm



[Patch Notes 7th of December (KLOH)]


  • 'Astrologer Elina's Sweet Lollipops' event has ended, the mission tab and items related to the event will be removed next patch.


  • Changed the rewards of some weekly consecutive missions to Demigod Essence.

  • Changed Wednesday's Mission 'Challenge Raid mode 3 times' to 'Challenge Raid mode once'

[Quality of Life]

  • Increased Materials Inventory by 1 Page for a total of 4.

  • Improved the Selection function of EX+ Evolution
    - When selecting 'all´, Myth+ heroes are not selected
    - Selection is in order of EXP
    - from EX+4 to +5 you cannot exceed the required exp anymore

  • Artifact Upgrade rules improved as follows
    - When an immortal hero is transcended with a base hero and they are both equipped with an artifact of the same grade, the artifact will be evolved to a higher grade
    - When an immortal hero is trancended with a base hero and they are both equipped with an artifact, and the base hero has a higher grade artifact, the grade will be transfered

[Major Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where burning time events were not applied normally

  • Fixed an issue where Tier 8 EX Rings were not being disassembled

  • Fixed an issue where Yaksha Lu Bu's reduce healing didn't work properly

  • Fixed an issue with the guild attendance check

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Infernal Abyss bosses did not disappear after killing them

  • Fixed an issue where some equipment couldn't be repaired

  • Fixed an issue in which Heroes in the back dow did not get Dark Knight's Increased defence buff

[Minor Bug Fix]

  • Fixed a problem where the Legendary Essence wasn't output properly when failing a hero transcend

  • Fixed a problem with Adventurer's Diary interface

  • Fixed an issue where the guild hideout page would be blank

  • Fixed an issue where Demigod Icons were not displayed in 3D Formation mode

  • Fixed an issue where Adventurer Diary Hard Mode compensation x2 event was not displayed

  • Fixed an issue where card background and effect color did not match when limit breaking an immortal hero

  • Fixed an issue where the time displayed for burning time events wasn't displayed properly

  • Fixed an issue where the enhancement value wasn't output when enhancing sustainable technology

  • Fixed an issue with the Hero Info interface output

  • Fixed an issue where notifactions disappear during Tower of Chaos

  • Fixed an issue where the bounty hunter or adventurer's diary window appeared if you pressed a specific part of the tower of chaos interface

  • Fixed an issue with skills of Lv.125 immortal heroes

  • Fixed an issue where the sword icon appeared on Demigod Hero True War God Taihu

  • Fixed an issue where the raid window would be displayed if you clicked a certain part of the bounty hunter lobby


Questions? Errors?
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