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[Patch Notes 15th of March (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 15th of March (KLOH)] on Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:19 am



[Patch Notes 15th of March]


  • Dungeon of Trials event will begin
    Duration: 15th of March - 29th of March
    Info: Complete Tower 5 times daily to receive entry tickets to the Dungeon of Trials
    Dungeons of Trials are split up in 3 Dungeons that rotate every few hours and only one is available during its time, difficulty and reward increase per selected level and you can complete a dungeon a maximum of 5 times a day, if you lose your entry ticket will still be consumed.

  • March Artifact Hunt event will begin
    Duration: 15th of March - 22nd of March
    Info: Getting one of the new artifacts during the event period will give you a Myth+ A Ticket of the hero that wields the Artifact:
    Get Holy Spear Brionac - Myth+ A Camael Ticket
    Get Zephyr Conversion Ring A-TYPE - Myth+ A Humanoid Nata Ticket

  • Costume Discount event has started
    Duration: 15th of March - 22nd of March
    Info: All costumes released before July 2017 are 50% off

  • March Super Week event has started
    Duration: 15th of March - 21st of Marc
    Info: Every day during the event get 1 Special chance Ticket, 1000 Demigod Essence, 500 Rune Essence, 100 Adventurer's Energy and 50 Soul Gems

  • 4EVER Event Dungeon has closed

  • Triple Chance of High Inscriptions for Legendary Jewelry event has ended



  • Added Continuous Awakening System

    You can now select a stat to increase and a stat to decrease
    You can now set how many times to awaken
    After the awakening, the highest number will be selected and you get the option to apply awakening or discard
    You can check the log for the numbers


    When Selecting a Knight of God, only demigod heroes will now show in the list

  • Increased the amount of gold you get from selling heroes (20m gold for Myth A/S/SS/EX, 10m gold for Legend A/S/SS/EX)

[Hero Combo]

  • Added new Hero Combos:

    Too much to handle
    Combo Rank: EX
    Combo Heroes: Devil Karinna, Michael, Queen Astea
    Combo Effect: +35% Attack, +10% Physical Defense

    Too much to handle
    Combo Rank: SS
    Combo Heroes: Huye, Adriel of Darkness, Alfina
    Combo Effect: +30% Attack, +10% Critical Chance

    Untouchable Elegance
    Combo Rank: SS
    Combo Heroes: St.Tipareth, Amos Iliea, Dark Knight
    Combo Effect: +30% Attack, +10% Critical Damage

[Monster Taming]

  • Monster Taming 2nd Round has been applied

    Monster Taming now shows HP and Damage dealt
    Monster Taming now has a continuous mission for taming monsters
    A notification will show when troops are being gathered


  • Added Guild Challenge

  • A new tab with guild Challenges are added, each member can complete 3 challenges, the total amount of challenges completed by the guild will determine the daily reward

  • Daily reward are awarded to all members that have checked guild attendance

  • When participating, guild contribution is increased

  • Daily Missions per member:
    Donate to the Guild
    Attempt Monster Taming
    Attend to the Guild

    *Daily Guild Missions reward you with Treasure Maps


  • Reduced Treasure Map times

    Lower grade: 1 hour > 30 minutes
    Intermediate grade: 2 hours > 1 hour

  • Improved game font readability

  • Fixed the Active skill description of Mythic grade Tome weapons

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where active inscription overlapped when inscribing equipment

  • Fixed an issue where canceling to retreat would stop your continuous battle

  • Fixed an issue with heroes earning EXP from mining

  • Fixed an issue where Mythic Raid rewards were displayed incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue where hero power wouldn't update when improving your Player Skill

  • Fixed an issue were Tier 11 ring box had a description of Tier 10 ring box


> Questions? Errors?
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