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[Patch Notes 22nd of March (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 22nd of March (KLOH)] on Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:50 pm



[Patch Notes 22nd of March]


  • Added regular heroes to replace limited edition heroes

  • Heroes upgraded to legendary tier:
    Not Hanson, Nottingham Militia, Al-Hasad, Turk, Jarek, Ariel, Brynhilt, Sybil, Nebiros, Lumiere, Adriel, Sigrune, Celine and Camille

  • Limited edition heroes are 1:1 compatible with one of these general heroes, both heroes are treated as the same therefor they cannot be placed in the same formation

  • Heroes that are 1:1 compatible will not be shown in the SOS list until the other one dies

  • Heroes that are 1:1 compatible will not be able to be placed in the Battle Formation if the other is placed in the Buff Formation of mythic raid

  • You cannot place 1:1 compatible heroes in a party if the other player uses the other hero

  • A friend's support hero can be placed in the battle even if it's counterpart is in the battle, but only the highest mythic skill is applied

  • Legendary and Mythic versions of the heroes can be obtained from Premium Hires and Special Hires


  • Constellation Enhancement Event has started, 50% discount on gold used to level up your constellation skills

  • Artifact Growth Support Event has started, 20% added chance to rank up an artifact, 20% reduced cost to rank up an artifact


  • Heroes required in Demigod Contract will now show a portrait, if you don't have one it will be shaded

  • All required heroes can be selected from Select ticket

  • Demigod fusion has been improved so you can select up to Myth EX heroes, Myth+ heroes are excluded


  • Legendary armor Jewel to recover HP has been improved to recover more HP

  • Improved item notations to show where to obtain and where to use the item


  • Changed the arrow symbol in continuous enhancement, limit breakthrough and active upgrade

  • Changed raid buff icons

  • Changed the icon of Treasure map rewards

  • When hiring a hero through a ticket from the mail, the grade border will now be displayed properly

  • Monster Taming phrase is added to burning time event

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed a bug that caused lines of text to be displayed wrongly

  • Guilds without hideout will be moved to the hideout information page

  • During auto battle, Gladiator and Berserker characters will stop moving

  • Fixed an issue where initiatives didn't function properly in the Trial Dungeons

  • Fixed an issue with the text display of Trial Dungeons when you run out of entries

  • Fixed an issue where if the achievement level of the guild exceeds 50, the gauge is not displayed correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the guild achievement status is different from the actual completion count

  • Fixed an issue with the attendance compensation


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