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[Patch Notes 9th of March (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 9th of March (KLOH)] on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:43 am


[Patch Notes 9th of March (KLOH)]


- 'Soul Gem item Discount' event has ended
- 'Tower of Chaos: Secret Chamber' event: Earned points have been increased from 1 -> 2 per tower, the event runs until the end of the 3rd anniversary event.
- 'White Day Event' has started
Duration: 9th of March - 2nd of April

How to Participate:
Gather White Day Candy from daily missions

10x Tower - 1 White Day Candy
1x Myth Raid - 1 White Day Candy
1x Phase Rift - 1 White Day Candy
1x Explore - 1 White Day Candy
1x Arena - 1 White Day Candy


Exchange Shop:

35 Candy - Legendary Husky Box (Max. 1)
35 Candy - Party Ione Box (Max. 1)
35 Candy - Rudolph Headband Box (Max. 1)*
35 Candy - Special Hire Ticket (Max. 4)
25 Candy - S2R3 Legendary Box (Max. 5)
1 Candy - Dragon Heart x400 (Max. 2)
1 Candy - Active Strengthening Box (Max. 2)
1 Candy - Season 2 Orichalcum x1000 (Max. 3)
1 Candy - Rune Essence x200 (Max. 3)
1 Candy - Gold Chest 10m (Max. 4)

*Cannot purchase Rudolph Headband Box if you already have one

Legendary Husky Box:
Husky - Legendary Rank A
Siberian Bow (Lv.130)

Party Ione Box:
Ione - 2nd Anniversary Costume
Ione - Legendary Rank A
Ione's Secret Staff (Lv.130)

Rudolph Headband Box:
Cute Rudolph Headband (Lv.150)


- Item Reinforcement ranks has been extended to EX
- General/Legendary/Mythic gear can all be ranked up to EX grade
- Legendary and Mythic gear will have SS grade by default and can be ranked up to EX
- Dragon gear, Seal of the Realm, Wedding ring and Rudolph Headband will have EX grade by default
- Upgrade chance from SS to EX is 25% and costs a certain amount of gold and Enhanced Catalysts
- Enhanced Catalysts can be obtained from Phase Rift and from Floor 71-100 in Hard Mode Chaos Tower
- In the case of Gear Evolution, EX grade is maintained
- Fixed an issue where the 'Bag is full' message would not pop up
- Fixed an issue with hero tickets

[Bounty Hunter]
- Bounty Hunter battle method has changed
- Strength of monsters and bosses has not changed, only the battles have been sped up

- Fixed an issue where knights wouldn't change stats until you refreshed the hero list
- Fixed an issue where the incorrect message would pop up when trying to place an injured hero into a knight slot
- Fixed an issue with 'Rothschild''s name displaying incorrectly
- Fixed an issue where one of the Nine Muses heroes' sound would be muted

[Tower of Chaos]
- Changed the Co-op reward to Gold
Normal mode: 30000 gold
Hard mode: 50000 gold

[Mythic Raid]
- Increased turn time from 99 seconds -> 200 seconds

- Fixed an issue where SOS heroes couldn't be used after playing a Secret Chamber
- Fixed a typo in the Adventurer's Diary

> Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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