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[Patch Notes 29th of March (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 29th of March (KLOH)] on Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:51 am



[Patch Notes 29th of March]


  • Rita's Discount Event has started, during the event, 30% discount on strengthening Tier 9/10/11 gear.

  • Double Up Rune Essence Event has started, during the event, 100% increase in Rune Essence gained from dismantling equipment.

  • Spring 7-day Attendance Event has started, log in daily during the event to get rewards.
    Day 1: 3x Special Chance Ticket
    Day 2: 3000x Demigod Essence
    Day 3: 3x Special Chance Equipment Summon Ticket
    Day 4: 3000x Rune Essence
    Day 5: 3000x Artifact Fragments
    Day 6: 300x Soul Gems
    Day 7: 1x Special+ Chance Ticket

  • Spring Special Missions Event will start soon, Mission 1 will open on 1st of April, Mission 2 will open on 8th of April.

  • Costume Discount event has ended.

  • Constellation Discount event has ended.

  • Dungeon of Trials event has ended, the dungeons will be available until next maintenance, tickets can't be obtained anymore.

[Hero Combo]

  • Added new hero combo:

    Difficult Divergence
    Combo Rank: EX
    Combo Heroes: Gabriel the Pestilent, Gabriel, Queen Sun
    Combo Effect: +35% Attack, +15% Critical Damage

    Biting Strike
    Combo Rank: SS
    Combo Heroes: Varane, Lord Crowley, Gan Ning
    Combo Effect: +30% Attack, +10% HP


  • Hero awakening is improved so existing values will be shown

  • There is now a maximum of 5 demigod ascensions per user per battle

  • Improved the costume hide function

  • Improved the descriptions of Michael and Varane


  • Adventure is reorganized, hard mode has no play limit anymore, but will have a higher energy requirement, sweep tickets per hard mode is also higher than normal mode

  • Hard mode reinitiation tickets can be traded for energy or sweep tickets


  • Party members in raid now have their own color, their enmity will also have their own color

  • Lightning damage from Remiel boss has increased from 100m to 10b


  • Removed 17 items, some items will return after reworks

  • Added a statistics button to the Cash Shop and Hire Shop with all the percentages and chances of hires

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed a bug where changing font will change the words that are marked as line break.


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