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[Patch Notes 6th of January (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 6th of January (KLOH)] on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:29 am


[Patch Notes 6th of January (KLOH)]

> 'New Year - Eat some Rice Cake Soup' Event has started.
Duration: January 6th - February 2nd
Info: Find Little Vanessa hidden on the Britannian Islands and Receive [Rice Cake Soup] once a day.
5x Rice Cake Soup - New Year's Costume Box* (Max. 1 Exchange)

5x Rice Cake Soup - Mythic Ticket (Season 1-9) (Max. 1 Exchange)

4x Rice Cake Soup - Jewel Select Box (Rank S) (Max. 1 Exchange)

3x Rice Cake Soup - S2R3 Legendary Equipment Chest (Max. 2 Exchanges)

1x Rice Cake Soup - Dragon Heart (500 pcs.) (Max. 3 Exchanges)

1x Rice Cake Soup - Rune Essence (300 pcs.) (Max. 3 Exchanges)

*New Year's Costume Box Content:
One Choice of the following
01/2016 Costume Select Box
Shrine Maiden Raphael, Shaolin Panda Big Tao, Wulin Girl Nefertiti, Uhwudong Alena

02/2016 Costume Select Box
Valentine Dark Queen Karinna, Heartbreaker Asus, White Choco Yukio, Dark Choco Kuroko, Heart Hunter Serisa

03/2016 Costume Select Box
Student President Michael, Class Representative Morgiana, Tender Age Christine, Lead Manager Jeanette, Exercise Director Drake

04/2016 Costume Select Box
Cheerleader Blood Pearl, Reporter Sarah Pendragon, Cleanup Hitter Rideran, Captain Cheerleader Uriel

05/2016 Costume Select Box
Witch of the South Metatron, Witch of the West Dark Sybil, Soldier Lucas

06/2016 Costume Select Box
Commander Camael, Officer Vlad Tepes, Navy Dmitra, Veteran Sir Cromwell

07/2016 Costume Select Box
Sea Fairy St.Ione, Surfer Babe Dark Avenger Sarah, Lifeguard Robin

08/2016 Costume Select Box
Pirate Hunter Pagunseong, Captain Frankenstein, First Mate Melissa

09/2016 Costume Select Box
Hwang Jin-yi Indra, Hong Gil Dong King Faheros, Sato Hiruk, Doryeong Khalid

10/2016 Costume Select Box
House Maid Garura, Goth Maid Erin, Secretary Vanessa, Home President Lord Crowley

11/2016 Costume Select Box
Nurse Nata, Conductor Nosferatu, Police Officer Kaguya, Marching Band Cocomo

12/2016 Costume Select Box
Ice King Asura, Ice Queen Lu Hua, Ice Soldier Zhao Yun, Ice Knight Gareth

> 'We Need Bok Jori and Greeting Cards!' Event has started
Duration: January 6th - Febuary 2nd
Info: Finish Daily Challenges to get [Greeting Card] and [Bok Jori]
Tower of Chaos 10 times - 1 Greeting Card
Myth Raid 1 time - 1 Greeting Card
Phase Rift 1 time - 1 Bok Jori
Exploration 1 time - 1 Bok Jori
Arena 1 time - 1 Bok Jori


8 Cards + 12 Bok Jori - Special Hire Ticket (Max. 1 Exchange)

7 Cards + 10 Bok Jori - Jewel Select Box (Rank SS) (Max. 1 Exchange)

5 Cards + 8 Bok Jori - S2R3 Legendary Equipment Chest (Max. 1 Exchange)

5 Cards + 8 Bok Jori - S2R3 Legendary Weapon Chest (Max. 1 Exchange)

4 Cards + 6 Bok Jori - S2R3 Legendary Armor Chest (Max. 1 Exchange)

4 Cards + 6 Bok Jori - Active Strengthening Staff Box (Max. 1 Exchange)

3 Cards + 4 Bok Jori - S2R1 Mythic Equipment Chest (Max. 1 Exchange)

3 Cards + 4 Bok Jori - S2R2 Legendary Equipment Chest (Max. 1 Exchange)

2 Cards + 3 Bok Jori - S2R2 Legendary Ring Chest (Max. 1 Exchange)

2 Cards + 3 Bok Jori - Elixir of Descent (10 pcs.) (Max. 2 Exchanges)

1 Cards + 2 Bok Jori - Doppleganger Queen Ticket (Max. 1 Exchange)

1 Cards + 2 Bok Jori - Dragon Heart (500 pcs.) (Max. 2 Exchanges)

1 Bok Jori - Rune Essence (400 pcs.) (Max. 3 Exchanges)

1 Bok Jori - Gold Chest (10.000.000 Gold) (Max. 5 Exchanges)

> 'New Years 30-60% Discount' Event/Sale has started
Duration: January 6th - January 12th
Info: 30% to 60% discount on soul gem items in the store
[70 Rune Essence]30 -> 12 Soul Gem
[360 Rune Essence]150 -> 60 Soul Gem
[800 Rune Essence]320 - 128 Soul Gem

[500 Heart]110 -> 77 Soul Gem
[1550 Heart]330 -> 231 Soul Gem
[5500 Heart]1100 -> 770 Soul Gem

[1600 Runestone]30 -> 12 Soul Gem
[3400 Runestone]60 -> 24 Soul Gem

[40.000.000 Gold]99 -> 40 Soul Gem

> NPC Santa Alice and NPC Spirit of the Forest removed

> Added Season 9 Hero 'Prince Thales' to hires
*Everyone has been compensated for the error with [Prince Thales Legendary A Ticket]

> Twice hero 'Sana''s weapon active has been modified to deal more damage in a cross

> Fixed an issue where it was not possible to claim pink rune powder
*Users have been compensated for the past weeks loss

> Fixed an issue where friends would not be invited to the Wedding Ceremony

> Fixed an issue where the Hero's Guide
> Fixed an issue where Mythic Descent would let you Pick 'Book of Legends'
> Fixed an issue with the Party Leader's portrait image

> Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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