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[Patch Notes 20th of January (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 20th of January (KLOH)] on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:34 am


[Patch Notes 20th of January (KLOH)]

> 'Rita's Discount' event has started
Duration: 20th of January - 3rd of February
Info: Reduced costs for Legend, Mythic, Dragon weapons, Seal of the Realm and Rudolph's Headband

> 'Happy new year super hot time week' event has started
Duration: 20th of January - 30th of January
Info: Extra rewards during 8:00 pm Hot Time and buffs

Monday to Friday:
300x Rune Essence
10x Lucky Gold Box
5x Phase Rift Gemstone Box

300x Rune Essence
10x Lucky Gold Box
5x Phase Rift Gemstone Box
1x Special Chance Ticket

300x Rune Essence
10x Lucky Gold Box
5x Phase Rift Gemstone Box
1x Mythic Ticket Season 1~9

[Ruins Exploration]
- Added 'The Undead Boss' as final boss.
*After beating 8-10, The Undead boss will unlock, infinite HP, Final rankings are based on highest score

- Updated Weekly reward
1-10 - 200 Dragon Heart, 500 Legend Essence
2-10 - 200 Dragon Heart, 1 Legend Ticket
3-10 - 200 Dragon Heart, 500 Legend Essence
4-10 - 200 Dragon Heart, 1 Legend Ticket
5-10 - 200 Dragon Heart, 500 Legend Essence
6-10 - 200 Dragon Heart, 1 Legend Ticket
7-10 - 200 Dragon Heart, 500 Legend Essence
8-10 - 200 Dragon Heart, 1 Legend Ticket
*All small chests have increased Rune Powder Heart Fragments and Rune Stones

- Updated Weekly Ranking reward and added more rankings
Rank 1 - 50x Legacy of Atlantis
Rank 2-10 - 40x Legacy of Atlantis
Rank 11-50 - 35x Legacy of Atlantis
Rank 51-100 - 30x Legacy of Atlantis
Rank 101-150 - 25x Legacy of Atlantis
Rank 151-200 - 20x Legacy of Atlantis
Rank 201-250 - 15x Legacy of Atlantis
Top 10% - 10x Legacy of Atlantis
Top 20% - 9x Legacy of Atlantis
Top 30% - 8x Legacy of Atlantis
Top 40% - 7x Legacy of Atlantis
Top 50% - 6x Legacy of Atlantis
Top 60% - 5x Legacy of Atlantis
Top 70% - 4x Legacy of Atlantis
Top 30% - 3x Legacy of Atlantis
Top 90% - 2x Legacy of Atlantis
Top 100% - 1x Legacy of Atlantis
*Content of Legacy of Atlantis has been improved

[Coliseum 2]
- Coliseum Beta 2 has been added
- PvP and PvE modes added
*PvE mode gains 20% of the score compared to PvP
- PvP mode is unable to match AI players
- Platinum and higher can't earn score in PvE mode
- Coliseum is open for 2 hours at 12:00 am, 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm (KST)
- You can fight 10 times a day but only get rewarded for up to 3 times a day
- Your own armor won't be used, all gear is set to Lv.140 tower gear
- Silence Stun and other CC skills last for 1 turn and grant immunity for the next turn
- Added 3 helper heroes. Taihu, Yukio and Ione (Helper heroes are Lv.125 Mythic EX with EX Legend Knights)
- Critical Damage has been readjusted in Coliseum

- Weekly rewards are based on Rank and League
Rank Rewards:
Rank 1 - 200x Coliseum Coin
Rank 2-10 - 170x Coliseum Coin
Rank 11-50 - 140x Coliseum Coin
Rank 51-100 - 120x Coliseum Coin
Top 10% - 80x Coliseum Coin
Top 20% - 75x Coliseum Coin
Top 30% - 70x Coliseum Coin
Top 40% - 65x Coliseum Coin
Top 50% - 60x Coliseum Coin
Top 60% - 55x Coliseum Coin
Top 70% - 50x Coliseum Coin
Top 80% - 45x Coliseum Coin
Top 90% - 40x Coliseum Coin
Top 100% - 35x Coliseum Coin

League Rewards:
Royal League (Top 100) - 10000 Heart Fragments
Master League (2200 RP+) - 8000 Heart Fragments
Diamond League (2000 RP+) - 7000 Heart Fragments
Platinum League (1800 RP+) - 6000 Heart Fragments
Gold League (1600 RP+) - 5000 Heart Fragments
Silver League (1400 RP+) - 3000 Heart Fragments
Bronze League (1200 RP+) - 2000 Heart Fragments
No League (0 RP+) - 0 Heart Fragments

- Added and Removed rewards from NPC Jarek
Mythic Ticket Season 1~9 - 300 Coins (Max.3)
Legend Essence x100 - 1 Coin (Max. 30000)
Dragon Heart x30 - 1 Coin (Max. 3000)
Heart Fragment x300 - 1 Coin (Max. 30000)
Orichalcum Season 2 x30 - 1 Coin (Max. 6000)
Runestone x1000 - 1 Coin
10m Gold Chest - 2 Coin
Rank B Jewel Chest - 3 Coins

- Season 5 of Guild War has ended
- Season 6 of Guild War has started
- Battle point scores are reset
- S6 Guild Medals are paid from Guild War, 50% if you lose
- Increased amount of Guild War medals per rank
- Increased amount of Guild War medals from Chaos Abyss
- Reset and added new rewards to NPC Robin
- Added new Throne War rewards

- Fixed an issue where some mythic skills would cause a massive delay to the battle
- New Hero <Sojin> from KPOP Group 'Nine Muses' has been added

- Changed [30-day Soul Gem Package A]. [30-day Soul Gem Package B] and [30-day Heart Package] so you can only buy it after it expired

[Tower of Chaos]
- Removed the special bosses from every 10th floor so it's the same as normal combat

> Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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