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[Patch Notes 11th of January (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 11th of January (KLOH)] on Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:50 am



[Patch Notes 11th of January]


  • 'Rita's Combo' event has started
    Duration: 11th of January - 18th of January
    Info: Increased chance to reinforce gear and 30% discount on reinforcing gear at Rita.

  • 'Immortal Descent/Transcend' event has started
    Duration: 11th of January - 18th of January
    Info: 30% Discount on Demigod Essence usage when performing an Immortal Descent or Immortal Transcend.
    *Gold amount is not reduced.


  • Player Level extended to 70 -> 80.

  • All in-game 3D formation set-up screens will be replaced by 2D formation set up.

  • Added new player skills:


  • Improved Exploration Ruins UI and Guild UI

  • Added player amounts of Gold and Demigod Essence in the Demigod Contract UI

  • When Limit Breaking a hero, the base hero will no longer be removed

  • When Purchasing extra hero slots in the storage, the list will no longer move to the top

[Hero Combo]

  • Added new Hero Combos:

  • Mana's Grace
    Combo Rank: SS
    Combo Heroes: St. Tipareth, Princess Astea, Ione
    Combo Effect: +30% Attack, +10% HP

  • Beautiful Archers
    Combo Rank: SS
    Combo Heroes: Haniel, Erin, Erina
    Combo Effect: +30% Attack, +10% Defense

  • Degradation and hope of a Saint
    Combo Rank: SS
    Combo Heroes: Iris, Tipareth of Destruction, Tipareth
    Combo Effect: +35% Attack

  • Strength and Effort
    Combo Rank: SS
    Combo Heroes: Kagei, Vera, Kuroko
    Combo Effect: +35% Attack

  • Sisters and Grandmother
    Combo Rank: S
    Combo Heroes: Blue, Khanbiel, Zhuang Zhou. Vanessa
    Combo Effect: +25% Attack, +8% Critical Chance

  • DIA Set A
    Combo Rank: S
    Combo Heroes: DIA Chaoyeon, DIA Yebin, DIA Jenny, DIA Eunice
    Combo Effect: +25% Attack, +8% HP

  • DIA Set B
    Combo Rank: S
    Combo Heroes: DIA Eunjin, DIA Eunchae, DIA Huihyeon
    Combo Effect: +25% Attack, +8% Defense


  • The Evolution EXP tab on the end battle result will be removed

  • During weekly continuous missions, the title Monster Quest will be changed to Normal Monster Quest

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where a receive button on a NPC did not work

  • Fixed an issue where the knight list wasn't registering

  • Fixed an issue with automatically equipping gear

  • Fixed the tooltip of HP regen from Armor effects


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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