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[Patch Notes 11th of August (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 11th of August (KLOH)] on Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:03 am



[Patch Notes 11th of August (KLOH)]


  • 'Emergency Arrest' Event has started

    Duration: 11th of August - 31st of August

    Part 1 - Help the new Police Officer
    When completing Adventurer's Journal normal mode battles, you will have a 10% chance to receive <Lost Handcuffs> item, Lost Handcuffs can be traded for rewards at NPC Police Officer Kaguya

    150 Handcuffs - 1x Sealed Bamboo Plate (Max. 1)
    30 Handcuffs - 1x Special Chance Ticket (Max.1)
    20 Handcuffs - 1000x Dubious Essence (Max.2)
    15 Handcuffs - 1x Mythic Select Ticket (Max. 1)
    15 Handcuffs - 1x Active Strengthening Wand Box (Max. 2)
    5 Handcuffs - 300x Orichalcum (Max. 5)
    5 Handcuffs - 300x Dragon Heart (Max. 5)
    3 Handcuffs - 200x Doppelganger Queen Essence (Max. 10)
    10 Handcuffs - 100x Mysterious Secret Key (Max. 20)
    1 Handcuff - 1 Million Gold Sack (Max. 500)

    *Handcuffs are consumed upon exchange
    **Sealed Bamboo Plate will exchanged for some sort of Artifact item for Kaguya with a big future update, discarding this item will result in no reward

    Part 2 - Mysterious Secret Box Event

    Everyday during the event, at midnight, you'll get 3 Mysterious Secret Boxes sent by mail, you can open them using 100 Mysterious Secret Keys to get rewards

    One item per box:
    Mythic Ticket x1
    Orichalcum x200
    Rune Essence x200
    Jewel Powder x500
    Hearts x50
    5m Gold Box x1

    How to get Mysterious Secret Keys:

    Chrono Store - Chance to appear for 1 heart
    Combat - All combat content with monsters has a chance to drop keys
    Event - Exchange Lost Handcuffs for more keys

    *Keys are consumed upon opening a box
    **Rewards of the box are equally random

  • 'Legendary Jewelry Engraving reroll cost reduction' Event has started

    Duration: 11th of August - 18th of August
    Info: Halved price for taking back your previous Engraving then re rolling the engraving on your Legendary Jewels (100 Rune Essence -> 50 Rune Essence)

    How to reroll your Engraving:

  • 'Rita's Discount' Event has started
    Duration: 11th of August - 18th of August
    Info: 30% Price reduction for Enhancing gear at Rita


  • Friends who have completed sending heart fragments to you will now show a check mark once you claimed the heart fragments

  • Modified Chain of Relations menu so you can equip Knights straight to your heroes from there if you checked the box to show only your heroes

[QoL Updates]

  • Doppelganger Queen will not be automatically selected in the Dubious Contract screen

  • Added a button to Legendary Heroes to easily access Mythic Descent

  • You can now open NPC Dennis repair shop straight from the inventory by clicking on a damaged item

  • When you repaired an item you can move straight back to Rita by clicking the Gear Enhancement button

  • Tower of Chaos and Adventurer's Journal now save the option if you turned on Rapid Battle


  • Changed the Portrait of Dubious Contracts to Nemesis

  • Removed some old event items

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue with Demigod gauges in Arena

  • Fixed an issue where ranking information didn't include Attack Power

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Attack Power in the lobby was displayed incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue with Tower of Chaos party play sometimes displaying Normal Mode as difficulty

  • Fixed an issue where notifications were not displayed when claiming hearts from a friend

  • Fixed an issue requesting hero placement in Chaos Abyss


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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