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[Dragon Lord Michael Demigod Raid Guide]

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1 [Dragon Lord Michael Demigod Raid Guide] on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:02 am



[Dragon Lord Michael Demigod Raid Guide]

Hero Bans:

Everytime Demigod Raid is open, a set of heroes will be banned from entering the Raid, this changes between the sets of heroes

Set A: Raphael, Michael, Kuroko, Jeanette, Daphne, Lucas

Set B: Kubera, Indra, Sarah, Sir Cromwell, Akhed, Melissa

Set C: St.Ione, Gandharva, Ione, Furia, Asus, Fersona

Set D: Dread Queen Karinna, Uriel, Elegant Karinna, Vlad Tepes, Kruel, Jeanette

Pre-Transformation Tactics and Mechanics:

Michael will attack a column with the Highest Enmity Hero

Michael will shield himself upon attack, and every turn his attack gets stronger

Tips for Pre-Transformation Phase:

Keep the highest enmity hero in their own column, only place heroes you want to die in the same column, if your hero can't tank the damage, protect them.

Post-Transformation Tactics and Mechanics:

FLAMING SWORDS - The corners of the 5x4 Playing field are obstructed by Flaming Swords and cannot be used to place a hero, Flaming Sword are harmless and later on will grant Super Armor in a cross

FEAR - During certain turns, Dragon Lord Michael's attacks will fear allies hit by his attack, Fear cannot be removed and will completely immobilize the hero, they can only be moved by swapping them with a non-feared hero

LIGHTNING OF THE DRAGON LORD - Dragon Lord Michael will mark tiles that will be hit by destructive lightning the next turn, avoid the purple tiles as they will be struck by very strong lightning, only very strong shields or maxed out demigods are able to absorb some of the damage without dying

Lightning Mark Turn 5 and 11, Strikes on the next turn

Lightning Mark Turn 7 and 13, Strikes on the next turn

CRITICAL DAMAGE REDUCTION - When Dragon Lord Michael uses an X Area attack, he will apply a Critical Damage Reduction debuff, this debuff will heavily reduce your Critical Damage dealt, but can be removed by a dispell

Attack Pattern:


1: Column, Shield
2: Column, Shield
3: Column, Shield


4: Transformation - Row basic attack
5: 3x3 - Fear - Lightning Mark
6: Lightning Strike - 3x3 - Fear
7: X - Attack Down Lock - Critical Damage Down - Lightning Mark
8: Lightning Strike - X - Attack Down Lock - Critical Damage Down
9: 3x3 - Fear - Super Armor Buff in a Cross at the Flaming Swords
10: Field, Kill all without Super Armor - Flaming Swords are destroyed
11: 3x3 - Fear - Lightning Mark
12: Lightning Strike - 3x3 - Fear
13: X - Attack Down Lock - Critical Damage Down - Lightning Mark
14: Lightning Strike - X - Attack Down Lock - Critical Damage Down - All Kill Mark
15: Field - Kill all without Super Armor

*Attacks are in order of what happens first, example: Turn 13 will: Attack in an X Area with Reduce Attack Lock and Reduce Critical Damage then Lightning Marks appear

Gameplay Tips:

Start with 12 heroes, at least 4 of them boosters with Fury Steal weapons, sacrifice them to boost your heroes and gain some fury, fury stealing is slightly reduced on Michael

Be prepared for lightning strikes, maxed out demigods with very strong equipment can absorb the damage so you can place them in the lightning mark, but heal them the next turn

Have a high enmity hero that is away from your damage dealers, Sword Main and Ice Warrior Gareth can shield themselves while taking high enmity to protect themselves while they are feared

Keep your allies out of the X area attack, the attack reduction is big and Dragon Lord Michael hits hard

Get the Super Armor buff on as many heroes as you can fit around the Flaming Sword before the Field Attack, this will protect them, in the last round there will be no Super Armor buff and all your heroes will die


> Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


Guide/Translation by Raven @

自業自得 (Raven/까마귀13)
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