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[Taihu Mythic Raid Guide (Updated)]

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1 [Taihu Mythic Raid Guide (Updated)] on Sun May 07, 2017 2:50 am



[Taihu Mythic Raid Guide]

Pre-Transformation Tactics and Mechanics:

Taihu will attack in a row based on the highest enmity hero

Taihu will spawn 2 minions each turn, the minions will attack in a row and have a high chance to stun your heroes for a turn.

Tips for Pre-Transformation:

Taihu and the minions are quite weak, it's hard to kill your boosters unless you use Cursed Weapons, if not, keep the minions alive and line up your boosters with the highest enmity hero and unequip armor from your boosters.

Post-Transformation Tactics and Mechanics:

RED SWORD DROPS - Every turn a Sword will drop from the sky into one of the open slots on your battlefield, the sword will stay there for 2 turns and attack in a cross each turn, Locksilencing the heroes around it and dealing damage, there will always be 2 swords on the field that will attack and the 3rd sword will be removed, count the swords and use a countdown for every sword to remember which one are going to attack and which one will be removed next turn, keep your heroes in formation, you don't want a sword to spawn in the middle of your heroes, sometimes you have to use 1 or 2 heroes to tank the sword.

BLUE SWORD DROPS - Every 3 turns a blue Sword will drop along with the red sword, the blue sword will buff heroes in a cross, giving them a strong Attack boost and a critical chance boost, it's not important to get this boost and not worth it to mess up your formation, but if it spawns in a good spot then make use of it

FLAMETHROWER - Taihu's Flamethrower attack will deal a strong Fire DoT to heroes in a column, in later rounds make sure the heroes have 'Remove Debuff' buff on them to avoid massive DoT's

BUFFS/SHIELDS - Keep your heroes in a 3 column formation with 4 heroes per row (3x4) and optimize your hero movement to keep everyone buffed, shield the right heroes based on the next incoming attack and sacrifice less important heroes to tank the swords when needed

Attack Pattern:


Column - Fire DoT
Row - Stun and Reduce Defence
Field - Lockstun Mage
Column - Fire DoT
Row - Stun and Reduce Defence
Field - Lockstun Mage
Column - Fire DoT
Row - Stun and Reduce Defence
Field - Lockstun Mage
Column - Fire DoT
Row - Stun and Reduce Defence
Field - Lockstun Mage
Column - Fire DoT
Row - Stun and Reduce Defence
Field - Lockstun Mage
Column - Fire DoT
Field - Wipeout

Gameplay Tips:

Don't shield early on, getting hit earns you fury.

Taihu's attacks are always based of the location of the Highest Enmity hero so shield the heroes within attack range

Always use 'Remove Debuffs' on heroes to keep them free from stuns and DoT's

When using a lot of magic heroes, consider using Guinevere to prevent them from getting lockstunned, pre-plan Guinevere's Skill to make the most of the 2 turns immunity

Use the enemy minions and Swords to kill your boosters if you do not have Cursed Weapons


> Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


Guide/Translation by Raven @

自業自得 (Raven/까마귀13)
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