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[End of Season 6 Guild War 23rd of June]

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1 [End of Season 6 Guild War 23rd of June] on Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:45 pm



[End of Season 6 Guild War 23rd of June]

Season 6 of Guild War has ended and Season 7 will be started during the 4th Maintenance of June on the 23rd


  • During the 5th Maintenance of June on the 30th, [Guild War Medal (S6)] will be changed to [Old Guild War Medal], please spend them before the maintenance, [Old Guild War Medal] can be spent in the old item shop

[New Compensations]

  • [Guild War Medal (S7)] will be paid by participating in Guild Wars

  • [Guild War Medal (S7)] will be the new reward for completing Chaos Abyss bosses

  • [Old Guild War Medal] can be exchanged in the 'Old Items' shop at NPC Camillian

[New Rewards]

  • S2R3 Legendary Equipment Box - 24000 Medals (Max. 5)

  • S2R2 Legendary Equipment Box - 12000 Medals (Max. 5)

  • S2R2 Red Gem Box - 12000 Medals (Max. 5)

  • Mythic Ticket (S1~S9) - 15000 Medals (Max. 2)

  • Rune Essence - 30 Medals (Max. 3000)

  • Book of Legends - 5000 Medals (Max. 10)

  • Dragon Heart - 10 Medals (Max. 3000)

  • Heart Piece - 1 Medal (Max. 30000)

  • Element Stone Select Box - 2000 Medals (Max. 50)

  • Orichalcum - 50 Medals (Max. 5000)

  • Gold Bar Sack (1m) - 500 Medals (Unlimited)

  • Glittering Bravery Medal - 1 Medal (Unlimited)

  • Runestone - 1 Medal (Unlimited)

  • Nectar - 1 Medal (Unlimited)


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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