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[Patch Notes 23rd of June (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 23rd of June (KLOH)] on Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:45 pm



[Patch Notes 23rd of June (KLOH)]

[Adventurer's Journal]

  • The amount of gold dropped per quest is displayed

  • Fixed an issue where if you stopped progress mode by clicking stop between battles Tower of Chaos would not work

  • Fixed an issue where item numbers weren't displayed correctly when finishing Adventure repeat battles

  • Fixed an issue at Chapter 3 Episode 3 where Brainwashed Romulus would not always function correctly

  • Fixed an issue with Automatic Progress mode not always progressing

  • Fixed an issue where if you don't claim your reward the reward gauge glitches out

  • Changed Adventurer's Energy consumption, it will now only be consumed when you win a battle rather than when you enter it


  • Heroes in the lodge will be shows in the transcendence list

  • Fixed an issue where heroes could gain more Evo.EXP than required to get to EX+5, any overpaid Evo.EXP will be refunded in the form of a ticket

  • Fixed an issue where the 'Power' of a hero would not be updated right away after getting EX+ evolutions

  • Fixed an issue where the hero stats would not output correctly on the EX+ evolution window

  • Fixed an issue where Zhao Yun's double fury debuff would not be applied to the enemy

[Bounty Hunter]

  • Greatly decreased re-start costs for bounty hunter

  • Increased re-start amount per VIP level

  • Added exchange store button to the bounty hunter window to easily access NPC Camillian's shop

  • Number of re-starts done and max re-starts are displayed on the top right of bounty hunter


  • Season 6 of Guild War ended, Season 7 has started

  • Guild War score has been reset

  • Orichalcum and Element Stone select boxes are added to the exchange shop for [Guild War Medal S7]

  • Fixed an issue with NPC Mimi not displaying the golden egg count properly


  • Fixed an issue where <Yebin>'s [Colorful Diamond Cannon] could not be evolved, you can now evolve it to S2R4

  • When a hero is in the Lodge, the release gear button is not displayed

  • Fixed an issue where Jewels were displayed in random order

  • Fixed an issue where the ''Inventory Full'' message was displayed when opening a jewelry box, even though there is space


  • Modified [DIA <Yebin> Legendary Package] and [DIA <Yebin Mythic Package] to display the information of <Yebin>

  • Fixed an issue where the Rita's Discount event only applied to Runestone and Gold for certain items

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong Hero Combo displayed when entering a battle

  • Changed Extraction so it displays a total number of Legendary Essence extracted when extracting heroes manually

  • Fixed an issue where upon completing Stage 8 of Explore the mission would not be finished


Questions? Errors?
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