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[Demigod Guide]

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1 [Demigod Guide] on Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:18 am



[Demigod Guide]

[Dubious Contract]

To get a Demigod Hero, purchase a Dubious Contract at NPC Schliemann

(1:Demigod Name, 2:Heroes Needed, 3:Next Demigod, 4: Demigod Skills, 5: Gold and Dubious Essence Costs)

- Reward: Demigod Rank A

*Premium Hire and Special Hire: Low chance of getting Demigod from these Hires

[Leveling up a Demigod]

- Demigod Heroes can level up through Fusion, Legendary and Mythic heroes can be used as fusion material

- Leveling up a Demigod increases their buffs (Demigods do not have stats)

[Demigod Transcendence]

To Transcend a Demigod, you can only do so by using another Demigod as Transcend Material, 100% chance to Transcend

[Constellation System]

Demigods have their own Constellation System, Spend Dubious Essence and Gold to increase the buffs from Constellation System up to Level 5 per Buff

Upgrading a buff unlocks the next skills in the skill tree

[How To Use a Demigod]

Demigods can be mounted in the Demi Guard slot of a Mythic Hero

Once in battle, the Demi Gauge appears, fill the Gauge to be able to perform Demigod Descent

Your hero descends to their equiped Demigod form, changing their fury skill to that of the Demigod and applying it's buffs

*A demigod cannot be used twice per battle
*Demigod hero will take the stats of the host hero and apply it's buffs
*When a demigod dies, the same demigod cannot be used through another hero
*Demigod cannot wear equipment, it will use the equipment of the host hero but weapon type is not affected


Demigods can be extracted for 5000 Dubious Essence

> Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


Guide/Translation by Raven @

自業自得 (Raven/까마귀13)
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