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[Patch Notes 20th of April (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 20th of April (KLOH)] on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:57 am


[Patch Notes 20th of April (KLOH)]


- 'Extraction Up' Event has started
Info: x1.5 multiplier to extracted Legendary Essence

- 'Trancendance Chance Up' Event has started
Info: x1.5 multiplier to Trancending Chance and additional success rate in case of failure

- '1000 days of Legion of Heroes' Event has started
Info: 1 week of extra hot time rewards and hot time buffs
Thursday: 1000x Orichalcum Season 2
Friday: 1000x Dragon Heart
Saturday: 1000x Rune Essence and 1x Mythic Ticket
Sunday: 1000x Dubious Essence and 1x Special Chance Ticket
Monday: 1000x Enhanced Catalyst
Tuesday: 1000x Legendary Essence
Wednesday: 10x Element Stone Select Box

- 'Rita's Discount' Event has ended
- 'Double Exploration reward' event has ended


- Added a new effect to Solvent Michael's in-game model
- Fixed an issue where it'd take 4 turns for a hero to transform into demigod in Mines
- Fixed an issue where the minimum/maximum damage buffs of Solvent Michael were not applied correctly


- Added 'Cursed Weapons'
Cursed weapons can be bought at NPC Menelaus for 500 Mythic Medals for a Selection Box
Cursed weapons change your HP to 444
When attacking with a cursed weapon, you'll steal some fury and gain a bleeding effect, this bleeding effect will kill you next turn and cannot be removed, it also removes all your buffs
Cursed weapons do not have a passive effect and their active effect always activates


- Monthly Dragon Heart package has been added again for soul gems


- Fixed an issue where Arena target score wouldn't be displayed correctly uponhaving a weak network error


- HP Regeneration mythic skill now transfers over to demigods
- White Day NPC has been removed

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