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[Patch notes 13th of April (KLOH]

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1 [Patch notes 13th of April (KLOH] on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:54 am


[Patch notes 13th of April (KLOH]


- 'Scattered Hearts' event has started
Duration: April 13th - April 27th
How to Participate:
Complete Daily Missions for 'Scattered Hearts'
10x Tower of Chaos - 1x Scattered Heart
1x Bounty Hunter - 1x Scattered Heart
1x Phase Rift - 1x Scattered Heart
1x Explore Ruins - 1x Scattered Heart
1x Arena - 1x Scattered Heart

Special Chance Ticket - 5x Scattered Heart (Max.2)
1200 Dubious Essence - 2x Scattered Heart (Max.3)
S2R3 Mythic Equipment Chest - 5x Scattered Heart (Max.1)
Mythic Ticket - 3x Scattered Heart (Max.2)
S2R3 Legendary Equipment Chest - 3x Scattered Heart (Max.4)
50 Pink Rune Essence - 3x Scattered Heart (Max.1)
Active Strengthening Staff Box - 2x Scattered Heart (Max.3)
250 Rune Essence - 1x Scattered Heart (Max.5)
500 Season 2 Orichalcum - 1x Scattered Heart (Max.5)
100m Gold Chest - 1x Scattered Heart (Max.6)

- 'Double Exploration Rewards' event has started
Duration: April 13th - April 20th
How to Participate: Doubled amount of Dragon Heart and Dubious Essence from Daily Exploration

- 'Demigod - Transcendent Event' has started
Duration: 13th of April - 18th of May
How to Participate: Transcend your 'Solvent Michael' to Rank S within the time period

How to get transcendence material:

To get another Solvent Michael, you can use Dubious Contracts to create another one

Earn Dubious Essence from Explore, Abyss or buy them from the store
Create the 4 Mythic EX Lv.100 heroes required to exchange
Trade the 4 Mythic EX Lv.100 Heroes, 10000 Dubious Essence and 100m Gold for a Rank A Solvent Michael and use it to trancend your current Demigod

Reward: Rank A Demigod ticket of the new demigod released in June

- Special Mission 'Hire a hero through Premium hire' has been changed to 'Hire a hero' (Soul Gem/Free/Hearts/Tickets all count)

- 'White Day' event has ended, NPC will be removed next week


- Changed 'Solvent Michael''s in-game model
- Changed some Mythic Skills to be reactivated after Transformation
- Changed Constellation skills so you can click them before unlocking them to read their buffs


- Changed 'Lu Bu's' skill to add 'increased defence'
- Fixed an issue where 'Lu Bu's' reduced healing effect did not work properly
- Fixed an issue where 'Lu Bu's' attack increase did not work properly
- Fixed an issue where mythic skills of SOS heroes did not activate or work properly
- Fixed 'Xiahou Dun's' skill description
- Fixed an issue where Demigod stats would show up on the extraction result window


- Fixed an issue where some skills would be applied twice if one of them is at a different skill level


- Item Exchange has been added to NPC Menelaus
You can now exchange your Dragon weaponry at NPC Menelaus while keeping the Active and Passive Levels, this will cost 200 Soul Gems, 500 Hearts and 10 Million Gold per exchange.

- Removed Dragon weaponry Exchange boxes from NPC Menelaus
- Renamed some tickets and descriptions
- Premium Hero Tickets now offer a chance to pull a Demigod, beside their usual General/Legend/Mythic heroes
- Fixed an issue where you could not discard the Wedding Ring


- Added Dubious Essence to the Chrono Store at a rare chance, 1000 Dubious Essence costs 375 Mythic Essence
- Added Dubious Essence to the mythic essence shop, 3 times a month you can buy 2000 Dubious Essence at the cost of 1500 Mythic Essence
- Changed Quantity of Dragon Hearts in the Mythic Essence shop, it now costs 1000 mythic essence to get 2000 Dragon Hearts

[Mythic Raid]

- Changed the ranking system
You will now be awarded for your highest rank in Party or Solo mode, the lowest rank will not count towards other people's rankings
Example: Rank 1 Solo player has ranked 2 in Party mode, he will be rewarded for Rank 1 solo mode and his party rank will be freed up for other players

- Fixed information on the Challenge mode reward window

[Exploration Ruins]

- Changed Boss 8-11  (Immortal Stage) to be more difficult


- Changed attack up buffs so they're applied to other heroes every turn


- Fixed an issue where enmity did not function properly
- Fixed an issue where heroes would be unlocked after sending them to a mine


- Changed the sorting order in the guild warehouse
- Added Guild Warehouse usage history
- Fixed an issue where donating would display a message to all guild members
- Fixed an issue where the exclamation point icon would not disappear from the guild button

> Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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