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[Patch Notes 31st of March (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 31st of March (KLOH)] on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:51 am


[Patch Notes 31st of March(KLOH)]


- Event window has been removed
- New Announcements tab added, you can see events and hot times in here
- Divided per item like Event, EXP Buff, Gold Buff, Attack buff, etc.
- Special Mission tab added in the Announcement board
- Attendance events have been improved
- One-Time Mythic attendance event has been extended from 14 to 21 days
*Day 21 reward: Select Mythic Ticket, Select 1 hero from Saraquael to Kubera

- Rita's events have ended
- Phase Rift event has ended

- Added 4 new main storylines including a quest to recieve Lubu's Secret box (Use your Lubu's key to openit for special items)
- Quest reward rank 6 gold ticket changed to Hero Gold Ticket

- Added Tutorial Challenge 'Complete 32 Tutorial missions', Reward: Ticket: [Solvent Michael Rank A Demigod]

[Demi God system]
- Added Demi God System
- Legends and Myths can be fused to Demigods to increase their level, higher level increases their buffs to the host
- Demigods can only Transcend using other Demigod cards, but the chance is 100%
- Unlike normal heroes, Demigods have buffs instead of stats
- Demigod Constellation system is a skill tree to increase the DemiGod's buffs, use gold and Dubious Essence to increase the skills

- You can register a demigod in the Demi Guard slot of a Mythic hero to give them Demigod powers
*When the host hero descends to Demigod, the hero is changed to the Demigod equiped, fury skill changes and Demigod buffs are applied
- Buffs before transformation will be removed
- You cannot use two of the same Demigods in a single battle, you also cannot use the same demigod transformation twice in a battle
- Demigods cannot wear equipment and are not affected by weapon type

- Added Dubious Contracts
Visit NPC Schliemann for Dubious Contracts and Alchemy
For Dubious Contract, 4x EX Level 100 Hero, 10000 Dubious Essence and 100 million gold is consumed

- Hero Handbook reorganized
- Alchemy removed and moved to NPC Schliemann

- Rebalanced older Myth heroes:

Saraquael Costume: Attack enemies in a 3x3 area, reducing their defence, increasing your attack and damage dealt to bosses
Raguel: Attack enemies in a 3x3 area, reducing their attack and increasing your attack.
Raguel Costume: Attack enemies in a 3x3 area, reducing their attack and defence, increases your atack and damage dealt to the boss
Raguel Costume: Stat boosts changed to: +10% ATK/HP/DEF
Remiel: Increased damage and increased healing
Remiel Costume: Increased damage, 2 turn remove debuff, Increased healing
Uriel: Changed mythic skill: Increase weapon activation and Critical damage to Axe heroes (15/20/25/30%)

- Other Mythic skill Changes
Saint Ione: Continuous healing changed to 7.5/15/22.5/30% of total HP
Regeneration: Continuous healing changed to 5/10/15/20% of total HP

- Myth Raid changes
Remiel's Mercy: Increased healing
Taihu's Protection: Increased Shield absorption

- Added Hero selection functions for Fusing, Selling and Extracting
- Improved Knight System chains, now you can check if the hero you have is used as knight for others
- Main Hero can now be excluded from: Chaos Tower, Bounty Hunter, Phase Rift, Mythic Raid

[Hero Combo]

- New Hero Combos added:

Creature Master
Lubu, Rothschild, Zhao Yun
Rank SS, Attack+30%, Defence+10%

Black Wing Kainan, Furia, Asus
Rank SS, Attack+35%

Endless Rage
War God Big Tao, Zhao Yun, Erin
Rank SS, Attack+30%, HP+10%

Fountain of Healing
Princess Adrastea, Ione, Lindy, Guinevere
Rank S, HP+25%, Defence+8%

Fountain of Wisdom
Prince Thales, Tutankhamen, Juri
Rank A, HP+20%

Rebuilding the Kingdom
Rothschild, Sarah Pendragon, Gareth
Rank A, Attack+20%

Nine Muses A
Keumjo, Hyemi, Sojin, Kyungri
Rank S, Attack+25%, HP+8%

- Rebalanced monsters in all content
- Initiatives can now be set for specific modes: Deploy, Myth Raid, Tower, Bounty Hunter, Phase Rift, Explore, Mines

- Added Dubious Essence to the daily reward, same amount as Dragon Heart

[Bounty Hunter]
- Fixed an issue where some monsters were too strong

- Guild Content has been reorganized
Added Guild Contribution
When contribution experience is increased the user can claim more Guild Coins
Contribution can be earned in Co-op Bounty Hunter and Co-op Tower
Guild Coins can be obtained from Contribution, Chaos Abyss and Donating
1 million gold donation = 1 guild coin
Guild NPC Merchande will exchange guild coins for items

- Added Guild Warehouse
Guild Warehouse can hold items gained through contribution
Items can only be given out by the leader
You cannot store your own items
After selecting item you can distribute them to guild members

- Revisal of Collection function
Minerals and Herbs will be collected to the maximum amount once you click them
You can reset daily limit for 10 soul gem
Number of resets depends on VIP level
Guild NPC's costs are reduced by 50%

- Chaos Abyss monsters have gotten stronger
- Guild Coin added as Chaos Abyss Reward
- Chaos Abyss resets on Mondays from now on

[Tower of Chaos]
- Removed Tower of Chaos
- Added Abyss, consisting of 50 floors, all bosses with special first clear rewards
Abyss Floor 40 reward: Ark of Myths - One Choice from Raphael, Remiel, Michael, Uriel, Metatron, War God Taihu, St.Ione, Dread Queen Karinna, Gabriel
Abyss Floor 50 reward: Ark of Myths 2 - One Choice from: War God Pagunseong, Garuda, Indra, Asura, Gandharva, Nata, Kunera, Daji

- Only 5 heroes can be used, some floors will have a weapon type restriction
- Upon completion you cannot be attempted again
- Gold rewards will be given daily example: if you complete boss 1, your daily reward will be 20 gold bars, if you complete boss 1, 2 and 3, your daily reward will be 3x 20 gold bars

- Tower of Chaos Hard mode changed to Tower of Chaos
Floor 1-64 will be easy floros, floor 65-84 will be medium, floor 85-100 will stay hard
- Re-added Tower of Chaos: Secret Chambers
- Tower of Chaos has been reset
- Secret Keys will be deleted
- Changed ticket rewards to Hero Gold Ticket

[Myth Raid]
- Boss HP has been increased
- Fixed an issue an issue with the first turn being not visible
- Changed Remiel's first attack after transformation
- Fixed an issue where myth raid would slow down after the transformation cutscene
- Fixed an issue where the boss would not attack after transformation
- Changed Myth Raid reward: Removed Lv.3 BH Medals and heart fragment, added Soul gems as reward

- Changed Arena reward: Removed Rank Boxes and replaced with Soul gems
- Added a buff effect where attack and HP will be adjusted to certain ranks
- 10% bonus points to win streaks
- Changed some matching conditions
- Matches a certain percentage of users based on score

- Removed some items:
Evolution Special Package, Evolution Beginner Package, Evolution Commemorative Package, Evolution Equipment Box

- Changed HP and Defence Values
- Added a cumulative chance of upgrading equipment grades, 10% per upgrade
- Improved equipment information screen
From equipment window: Reinforcement, Passive Upgrade, Active Upgrade, Evolution

- Added Ticket Extraction (Extract > Tickets: On) 100 tickets max.
*Old tickets can only be extracted the old way

- Diamond Jewel has been buffed:
D: 5%, C: 8%, B: 11.5%, A: 15.5%, S: 20%, SS: 25% - Physical Defence

- Added Hero Gold Ticket

- Changed App Icon to Adventure Icon
- Login Screen updated
- Changed Patch download screen
- Login BGM changed from LETE to DIES IRAE
- Added Tips on new items
- Fixed some other issues

> Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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