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[Patch Notes 28th of February (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 28th of February (KLOH)] on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:42 am


[Patch Notes 28th of February (KLOH)]

> Event
- 'Rune Reinforcement Discount' event has ended
- 'Transcendence Chance Increase' event has ended

- 'March Hot Time' event has started
Info: Daily gifts changed to:

12 am - 1 pm
Hot Time box V x10
Rita and Brock Box x5
Lucky Gold box x5

6 pm - 7 pm
Hot Time box V x10
Rita and Brock Box x5
Lucky Gold box x5

8 pm - 11 pm
Hot Time box V x10
Rita and Brock Box x5
Lucky Gold box x5
Rune Essence x100

> PvP
- Coliseum has been officially opened
- In the first turn, heroes cannot be summoned, heroes can be summoned from the second turn onwards
- Added a battle marker for the current hero's turn
- To make the gap smaller between normal and premium myths, premium myths have been added as helper heroes, maximum of 3 helpers can be used
- Health cap increased from 500k to 800k
- Attack scaling per turn has been upgraded
- Battle speed increased to 1.5x
- Losing a battle now costs 50% less points
- NPC Jarek's exchange shop has been reset
- Fixed an issue where 50% fury reduction buff would be removed the next turn
- While being Trainee rank, you cannot go under 1000 points
- Fixed an issue where players would be unable to enter Royal league
- Fixed some issues with the PvE mode

- Arena improvements have been added
- When matching Master or higher league players, you won't be able to see their formation and information
- Matching score and matching conditions have changed

> Hero
- Rank 1 to 5 heroes have been replaced by Rank 6 heroes

> Battle
- Fixed an issue where the immunity/remove debuff effects did not work properly

> Mining
- Fixed an issue where the 3x3 skill of heroes such as 'Erin' and 'Amos Ileia' would not work correctly

> Shop
- Removed the season related tickets

> Community
- Fixed an issue where the attack power of advancing heroes would be missing from the Ranking Systm

> System
- Battle Speeds have been increased
Mining: 3x speed
Throne wars: 3x speed
Mythic raid: 1.5x speed

- Changed attendance reward 'Rank 6 Legion of Heroes Ticket' > 'General Rank Legion of Heroes Ticket'
- Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Tickets can only be exchanged for new tickets (Rank 6 Silver/Gold Ticket or LoH Hero Ticket III)

> New Hero Release 1st of March
(Hero info might be edited once released)

<War God Big Tao>

Ranking: Premium Mythic
Weapon: Axe
Fury Cost: 200
Fury Skill: Deal damage to enemies in a row, dealing increased damage based on enemy's HP in a row and doubling their fury which cannot be dispelled and removes debuffs of allies in a 3x3 area based on your position.
Mythic Skill: Increases damage done in PvP and reduces damage taken in PvP, become immune to critical hits.
Knight Combo:
Combo 1: Ariesse, Kuroko - HP+10%
Combo 2: Big Tao, Remie - Attack+15%
Combo 3: Ariesse, Kuroko, Big Tao, Remia - Critcal Damage+15%


Ranking: General Rank/Legend
Weapon: Spear
Fury Cost: 200
Fury Skill: Attack enemies in a column, reducing their attack and defence and reduces fury consumption for allies in a row by 50% for 2 turns.
Mythic Skill: Increases activation chance for spear heroes and increases the critical damage of spears.
Knight Combo:
Combo 1: Daphne, Arthur - HP+5%
Combo 2: Lucas, Zhao Yun - Phys. Defence+10%
Combo 3: Daphne. Arthur, Lucas, Zhao Yun - Attack+15%

> Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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