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[Patch Notes 17th of February (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 17th of February (KLOH)] on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:40 am


[Patch Notes 17th of February (KLOH)]

> 3rd Anniversary of Legion of Heroes has started
> '3rd Anniversary Magic Box' event has started
- Lucky Keys are given out based on how many days ago you started playing KLOH (1 day = 1 key)
- Every day complete missions to get 25 key per mission
(10x Tower/ 5x Arena/ 4x Bounty Hunter/ 1x Myth Raid)
- Use 50 Lucky Keys to open 1 Magic Box up to 5 Magic Boxes per day
- Every time a lucky box is opened the chance to win the jackpot item is increased, until the jackpot is won, like a lottery among players.
Lucky Goods (Jackpot)
Special Chance Ticket x1
S2R3 Myth Ring Box x1
S2R3 Legend Ring Box x1
S2R3 Myth Gear Box x1
S2R3 Legend Gear Box x1
Mythic Ticket x1
Doppleganger Rank 6 x1
Jewel Box x2
Mythic Essence x10
Soul Gem x10
Elixer of Descent x10
Hearts x30
Rune Essence x50
S2 Orichalcum x60
Dragon Heart x60
Tower Sweep Coupon x60
Legendary Essence x60
Doppleganger Queen Essence x100
Gold x5.000.000

Lucky Goods Box content:
2x Special Chance Ticket
2x S2R3 Myth Ring Box
2x S2R3 Legend Gear Box
2x Mythic Ticket
2x Rank 6 Doppleganger
1000x Doppleganger Queen Essence
100x Mythic Essence
100x Soul Gem
1000x S2 Orichalcum
1000x Dragon Heart
1000x Rune Essence
3000x Legendary Essence
1000x Hearts
100.000.000x Gold

- Every 3 hours the Magic Box lottery is Reset

*Event, Keys and Missions can be accessed through the Event Board > 3rd Anniversary Event, a special page will open.

> 3rd Anniversary Story 'Memories do not disappear' event has been added
- All players can play this story and upon completion [3rd Anniversary Celebration Box] will be awarded.
3x Book of Heroes (Lv.100)
3x S2R2 Legendary Equipment Box
3x 10m Gold Box
300x Dragon Heart
300x Rune Essence
3000x Rune Stone
3000x Rune Powder

- Collect items from the quest to exchange at NPC Heart Hunter Serisa

1x Myth Ticket - (Max. 1 Exchange)
1x Mythic Rank A Ticket: <Vaishravana Mk.3> - (Max. 1 Exchange)
1x S2R3 Myth Ring Box - (Max. 1 Exchange)

> 3rd Anniversary 'Tower of Chaos: Secret Chamber' Event has started
- For every tower floor completed you recieve 1 point up to 2000 points
- Points can be spent on secret challenges, 500 points for the first challenge, 250 for a repeat
- In a party, first time will cost 500 for the host and 250 for each party member
- Points will only be deducted if you complete a challenge, not if you lose
- There is a first clear reward and a repeat reward
- Once you complete a challenge the next one is unlocked up to Floor 20
Floor - Reward - First time - Repeat/Party
1 - Legendary Essence - 100 - 10
2 - Queen Doppleganger Essence - 100 - 10
3 - Hearts - 100 - 10
4 - Dragon Heart - 100 - 10
5 - Rune Essence - 100 - 10
6 - Legendary Essence - 300 - 20
7 - Queen Doppleganger Essence - 300 - 20
8 - Hearts - 300 - 20
9 - Dragon Heart - 300 - 20
10 - Rune Essence - 300 - 20
11 - Legendary Essence - 500 - 30
12 - Queen Doppleganger Essence - 500 - 30
13 - Hearts - 500 - 30
14 - Dragon Heart - 500 - 30
15 - Rune Essence - 500 - 30
16 - Legendary Essence - 700 - 40
17 - Queen Doppleganger Essence - 700 - 40
18 - Hearts - 700 - 40
19 - Dragon Heart - 700 - 40
20 - Rune Essence - 700 - 40

- Bonus Reward in Secret Chamber Challenges will be Jewel Boxes of different Grades
- During the Event 'Secret Key' is given daily, redeem it for 500 Points towards Secret Chambers

> 'Rita's Discount' event has started
- Runestone, Rune Essence, Rune Powder and Gold costs reduced for all gear except Tower Gear

> 'Transendance Bonus' event has started
- 50% increased Transcendance chance and additional chance for each rank.

> 'Soul Gem item Discount' event has started
- Soul gem items in the Shop down in price by 30-60% during the event


> Hero Season integration has been applied
- Hero Abilities for heroes from Season 1 to 8 have been adjusted
(Premium Myths and Season 9 heroes have the same stats)

- Some General Rank heroes can now be upgraded to Legendary
- Added myth skills to the new Legendaries
- Added Knights to the new Legendaries
- Legendary Descent costs has changed to the cost of Season 9 descent for all heroes
- Added new legendaries to the Legendary Descent option
- All costumes have been changed to 10% Attack, Defence and HP boost
*Exception to Raguel Jack o Lantern, event costumes and Limited edition costume
- Coordination of heroes with single target attacks has changed
- Changes in skills for new Legendaries
- Heart Hire cost changed to 100 hearts or 1000 hearts for 11
- Tickets to hire Rank 1-5 heroes are removed
- Fixed Riva Faust's skill
- Fixed Princess Adastrea's description and myth skill description
- Fixed Adriel of Darkness' Polymorph costume description

[Tower of Chaos]
- Fixed an issue in Floor 95 where the battle would not continue at some point

[Bounty Hunter]
- Fixed an issue where some mythic skills did not apply

- Increased the number of turns 'Guardian Remiel' effect to 2.

- Added a 3x Speed option to Arena,  the option is saved and will be stored for next battles
- Fixed a problem in coliseum where portraits were misplaced
- Changed Coliseum Matchmaking to 3 League difference instead of 2.
- Fixed a bug where you'd be disqualified when not playing for 2 turns
- Fixed an issue with the back button in coliseum

> Added Coliseum to the ranking system
- View popular Coliseum heroes in this ranking list

> Fixed an issue with collecting Pink Rune Powder

> Fixed an issue where the world map would not open if you were in an area with no location on the map

> Removed NPC Little Komareo and Hiruk

[New Heroes]

- Added Vaishravana Mk.3
- Added Nine Muses - Hyemi

> Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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