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[Patch Notes 13th of February - 4EVER Update (KLOH)]

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[Patch Notes 13th of February - 4EVER Update]


  • 4EVER Update has been applied

  • New Characters Jump event will be updated, new characters now start with Mythic Heroes and Tier 8 Gear with Lv5 Active and Lv10 Passive inscriptions

  • Old Characters will obtain a [4EVER Jumping Event Box] with some mythic tickets and Tier 8 Equipment boxes


  • 4EVER Attendance event has started
    Duration: 13th of February - 12th of March
    Info: Log in daily to receive rewards for 7 days
    Day 1: 4th Anniversary Ring
    Day 2: 3x Special Chance Ticket
    Day 3: 5x Equipment Hire Ticket
    Day 4: 5000x Demigod Essence
    Day 5: 200x Soul Gem
    Day 6: 3000x Artifact Fragments
    Day 7: 1x Myth+ Select Ticket (Immortal Update)

    *Myth+ Select Ticket (Immortal Update): Select 1 Myth+ Hero from Saraqual until St.Tipareth

  • 4EVER Mission Tabs event has started
    Duration: 13th of February - Until further notice (Tab 2 will open on 20th of February)
    Info: Two tabs of missions will open with 3 pages each, complete the missions for rewards

  • 4EVER Event Dungeon event has started
    Duration: 13th of February - 20th of March
    Info: A special event dungeon has opened, which can be found in the Lobby UI on the bottom, marked with 'Event'

    Part 1:
    Collect Reward Coins from playing the dungeon, the stages consume Adventurer's Energy, the coins can be exchanged for rewards

    300x Coin - Myth+A Ticket: Iris (Max.2)
    200x Coin - Iris Costume (Max.1)
    50x Coin - 3000x Demigod Essence (Max.5)
    15x Coin - 10x Book of Legends (Max.30)
    15x Coin - 1x Equipment Hire Ticket (Max.5)
    1x Coin - 20 Rune Powder (Unlimited)
    1x Coin - 150k Gold (Unlimited)

    Part 2:
    Collect Stars on the Event Stages for rewards

    Normal Mode
    5 Stars - 1 Legendary Jewel Box
    10 Stars - 500 Rune Essence
    15 Stars - 100 Soul Gem

    Hard Mode
    5 Stars - 1 Legendary Jewel Box
    10 Stars - 1000 Rune Essence
    15 Stars - 200 Soul Gem

    Part 3:
    Repeat Battle for Rewards

    Normal Mode
    10 Repeats - 1m Gold Sack x5
    20 Repeats - 1m Gold Sack x5
    30 Repeats - 1m Gold Sack x5
    40 Repeats - 1m Gold Sack x5
    50 Repeats - 1 Low Treasure Map

    Hard Mode
    10 Repeats - 10m Gold Chest x1
    20 Repeats - 10m Gold Chest x1
    30 Repeats - 10m Gold Chest x1
    40 Repeats - 10m Gold Chest x1
    50 Repeats - 1 Intermediate Treasure Map

    Part 4:
    Collect treasure maps and send your heroes on a 1 hour treasure exploration
    *More info regarding Treasure Exploration in the patch notes

  • Transcendence Chance up event has started
    Duration: 13th of February - Until further notice
    Info: 50% higher chance to transcend legendary and mythic heroes

  • Immortal Descent and Transcend discount event has ended

  • Immortal and Demigod fusion exp event has ended

[Treasure Exploration]

  • Added Treasure Exploration System

  • Collect Low Treasure Map and Intermediate Treasure Map from the Event Dungeons

  • When using a Treasure Map, a formation screen will pop up that lets you set up a team

  • Every Treasure map has certain conditions for your formation

  • If you abandon a treasure exploration, the treasure map will be consumed

  • Exploration time is 1 to 2 hours depending on the difficulty, and can be reduced by 30 minutes per 10 soul gems

  • Rewards are sent by mail


  • Added Lv.9 Wings

  • Lv.9 Wings boost your ATK/DEF/HP by 36%

  • Stage 4 of your main hero ring will now grant +1 to set bonuses

[Monster Taming]

  • Reduced difficulty for Monsters 2 and 3

  • When Monster Taming is initiated, a guild mail will be sent

  • When a monster has been tamed, a guild mail will be sent


  • Added Raid Buff System

  • When registering heroes in the Buff Formation, the buffs will be applied to the raid, but the heroes will not join the raid

  • You can register up to 3 different kinds of buffs in the Buff formation

  • Up to 12 heroes can be registered in the Buff formation, as long as they are within the same 3 myth skill buffs

  • Heroes used in the Buff formation cannot be summoned in the raid

  • Reduced the number of SOS heroes to 1

  • In Party raid, you will enter the buff formation window together

  • You can check the buffs during the battle by clicking the small buff icon next to the fury meter

  • You can now skip the cutscene during raid by touching the screen

[Hero Combo]

  • Added New EX Hero Combos

  • Combo Name: Full Magic Power
    Combo Rank: EX
    Combo Heroes: Apophis of Chaos, Kisshoten Daji, Saint Tipareth
    Combo Effect: Attack+35%, HP+15%

  • Combo Name: Cannon Romance
    Combo Rank: EX
    Combo Heroes: Ariadne of Grievance, Metatron, Humanoid Nata
    Combo Effect: Attack+35%, Critical Chance+15%

  • Combo Name: Muscle Solidarity
    Combo Rank: EX
    Combo Heroes: Haemon, War God Pagunseong, Mahakala Asura
    Combo Effect: Attack+40%


  • Once you have obtained an Artifact but salvaged it, it will now stay added to your artifact handbook


  • Reorganized the Chrono Store

  • VIP 0 Users can now do 1 Free reset, other VIP levels have increased by 1

  • Discount rates and appearance have changed

  • Added new items

  • Removed some outdated items

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where if the attack power is higher than 2.147 billion, a minus was displayed

  • Fixed an issue with hiring a doppelganger king

  • Fixed an issue with hiring immortal heroes

  • Fixed an issue where some mining notifications weren't sent


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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