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[Patch Notes 25th of January (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 25th of January (KLOH)] on Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:25 am



[Patch Notes 25th of January]


  • Added Sub-Quest ''The First Step of Destruction'', the story can be unlocked after finishing ''Shattered Antares's Crown''


  • Changed weekly mission 'Buy from the Chrono Store 3 times' to 'Buy from the Chrono Store once'
    *10 Soul Gems have been awarded for everyone to skip the mission on 25th of January


  • When fusing, a warning will be given if you exceed the maximum EXP

  • Removed infinite battle ranks from the ranking interface

[Exploration Ruins]

  • Improved the rewards from Exploration, you now get the reward for the entire zone if they were completed even if you don't re-challenge


  • Level shown in the guild list will change from Main hero level to player level

  • Added a guild chat window on the guild info screen

  • Guild mail can be saved up to 4 days

[Monster Taming]

  • Decreased difficulty of Monster Taming Lv.1

  • Gear can now be enhanced and Jewels can be swapped while heroes are marching to Monster Taming

  • You will now get a message in the march list when you fight in a Monster Taming battle


  • When entering the direct march formation window, you can now move already deployed heroes in your formations


  • Items with Jewelry attached can now be evolved

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed a bug where if you created a new guild after leaving a guild, the monster taming interface wasn't updated

  • Fixed an issue where the main hero couldn't be placed in Monster Taming formations

  • Fixed an issue where attack power was doubled when changing camps in Monster Taming

  • Fixed an issue where Monster Taming record wasn't shown

  • Fixed an issue where Player Level skills didn't properly apply to arena

  • Fixed an issue with Guild Attendance

  • Fixed an issue where Exploration Ruins Tutorial didn't function correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the formation and initiative windows from adventurer's diary didn't show properly


Questions? Errors?
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