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[Patch Notes 18th of January (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 18th of January (KLOH)] on Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:35 pm



[Patch Notes 18th of January]

[New Content - Monster Taming]

  •  Summary

    Monster Taming is new content for Guilds Only

    Monster Taming can be accessed through the guild window

    Monster Taming can be challenged up to 5 stages

    To unlock the next stage you need to beat the current stage

    You have 5 daily entries which are reset at 6 am

  •  Preparation

    If you select a stage you can start collecting entries

    You can set entry timer between 5 and 60 minutes at 5 minute increments

    The person who initiated the fight will become the leader, all guild memebers except recruits can join

    There are no restrictions on participants

    You can only participate once per expedition

    Up to 5 heroes can be placed in a team

  •  Configuration

    5 Heroes form a team and 9 teams form one group, the groups work together as an army

    You can configure the placement of groups during the expedition gathering

    At the end of the expedition gathering, the army advances toward the boss monster

    Boss monsters have different advance timers, when the timer is over they will fight

  •  Combat and Result

    The battle proceeds automatically starting from group 1

    Up to 5 turns per team

    Damage to bosses effects are halved (Monster Expert, Jewelry effects, Boss Damage buffs)

    Compensation will be mailed when successful

    Replay can be viewed after the battle

  •  Reward

    You can get 'Tamer's Treasure Chest' from each stage and you can pick your own reward

    Tamer's Treasure Chest content: Orichalcum, Legendary Essence, Dragon Heart, Rune Essence, Demigod Essence

    From stage 3, 4 and 5, you can get Random Artifact Fragment box as additional reward


  • 'Find the Golden Apples' event will begin
    Duration: 18th of January - 8th of Febuary
    Info: Collect Golden Apples from Adventurer's Journal - Normal mode and exchange for rewards

    150 Golden Apple - 3000 Demigod Essence (Max.1)
    150 Golden Apple - 2000 Artifact Fragement (Max.1)
    100 Golden Apple - 1 Special Chance Ticket (Max.2)
    80 Golden Apple - Active Reinforcement Staff Box (Max.2)
    50 Golden Apple - 600 Rune Essence (Max.5)
    30 Golden Apple - 500 Dragon Heart (Max.5)
    20 Golden Apple - 150 Heart (Max.5)
    10 Golden Apple - 3m Gold (Unlimited)
    1 Golden Apple - 300k Gold (Unlimited)

  • Rita's Combo event has ended

  • Immortal Descent / Transcend event has ended

[Player Skills]

  • Player skills now apply to PvP content (Arena / Mining / Throne Wars)


  • The Artifact fragments obtained from disassembling artifacts has increased

    Min: 3500 -> 4000
    Max: 4100 -> 5000

  • Deleted tooltip use button from Heart



  • Changed HP Recovery to only show once

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where event completion notification is not updated when an event is completed

  • Fixed an issue where you could not rejoin a party if you left after you were invited

  • Fixed an issue where initiative settings in mining weren't saved

  • Fixed an issue where Bounty Hunter and Demigod Raid layouts weren't saved

  • Fixed an issue where the battle would only start after saving your formation

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't use more of the same hero of your friends assist in Bounty Hunter

  • Fixed an issue where you could place more than the maximum heroes using assists in Bounty Hunter

  • Fixed an issue where heroes' attack power wasn't updated when player skills were leveled up

  • Fixed an issue where the window is closed by touching a very small part on the bottom of the screen

  • Fixed an issue where hero rank appears differently in the knight window

  • Fixed an issue where Empress Sun's skill wouldn't debuff monsters with Immunity

  • Fixed an issue with Guild Attendance check

  • Fixed an issue where some Jewels weren't displaying properly when hiring equipment

  • Fixed a tooltip when disassembling Jewelry

  • Fixed the tooltip of the Artifact Select box of Infernal Abyss Floor 70 where Michael's Spear 'Longinus' can be selected


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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