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[Gear Changes - Immortal Update (KLOH)]

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1 [Gear Changes - Immortal Update (KLOH)] on Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:19 am



[Gear Changes - Immortal Update]

Depending on the Tier of the gear, there will be a maximum Passive and Active Level:

Tier / Max. Passive Level / Max. Active Level
Tier 11 / Lv. 32 / Lv. 11
Tier 10 / Lv. 30 / Lv. 10
Tier 9 / Lv. 28 / Lv. 9
Tier 8 / Lv. 26 / Lv. 8
Tier 7 / Lv. 24 / Lv. 7

*Equipment that currently exceeds these limits will keep their levels

Legendary / Mythic Armor Actives change to Passives:

Helmet - (Passive) Increase Critical Damage
Body - (Active) Upon hit, Restore HP
Gloves - (Passive) Increase Critical Damage
Shoes - (Passive) Increase Critical Damage

*Rudolph's Headband and Antares's Crown will keep their actives

Other Changes:

Actives will now be called Assistive Technology
Passives will now be called Sustainable Technology

Old equipment, obtained before Immortal update, will keep their Inscriptions but will now be marked Antique equipment, they will change when you evolve them

Gear obtained through boxes will change for boxes with prefixes:

Tier 7 - Lv.5-7 Assistive Technology
Tier 8 - Lv.5-8 Assistive Technology
Tier 9 - Lv.5-9 Assistive Technology
Tier 10 - Lv.5-10 Assistive Technology

Tier 7 - Lv.7 Assistive Technology
Tier 8 - Lv.8 Assistive Technology
Tier 9 - Lv.9 Assistive Technology
Tier 10 - Lv.10 Assistive Technology

Tier 8 - Lv.26 Sustainable Technology
Tier 9 - Lv.28 Sustainable Technology
Tier 10 - Lv.30 Sustainable Technology


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