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[Patch Notes 16th of November (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 16th of November (KLOH)] on Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:46 pm



[Patch Notes 16th of November]


  • Added Equipment Special Hire

    - By purchasing 10+1 Equipment Hire, the Equipment Special Hire gauge will increase

    - Equipment Special Hire will contain Artifacts or Artifact Fragments

  • Changed the reward of Weekly Missions

    - Play Phase Rift 5 times: 200 Rune Essence
    - Play Chaos Abyss 1 time: 200 Rune Essence
    - Play Challenge Mode Raid 1 time: 200 Rune Essence


  • 'Equipment Hire Chance UP event has started
    Duration: 17th of November - 26th of November
    Info: Increased chance to hire Artifact and Artifact Fragment

  • 'Cumulative Connection' event has started
    Duration: 17th of November - Until Immortal Update
    Info: Stay logged in for rewards
    15 minutes - 5m Gold
    30 minutes - 30 Heart
    60 minutes - 10m Gold
    90 minutes - 50 Heart
    120 minutes - 1 Equipment Hire Ticket

  • Hibernation of Fairy Squirrel event has ended

  • Rita's Discount x Rita´s Strengthening Chance up event has ended

  • Legendary & Mythic Transcendence event has ended

  • Legendary & Mythic Descent cooldown reduction event has ended


  • Secret Chamber has been improved

    - Playing Adventurer's Diary Normal/Hard mode now grants 1 point per run to Secret Chambers

    - Added a button to Secret Chambers in the Adventurer´s Diary

  • Items given/sold by Guild NPCs has been improved

    - Changed Mimi's rewards to Runestone, Rune Powder, Legendary Essence, Gold and Rune Essence

    - Changed number of items sold by Merchande and added Equipment Hire Ticket and Premium Hire Ticket to the item cycle



  • Arena Beta period has ended


  • Beginner Missions can now be completed instantly by using Soul Gem

  • 1:1 Support has changed to Support Center in the main menu

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where targeted enemies in arena will become unmarked after reconnecting

  • Fixed an issue with obtaining armor

  • Fixed an issue where EX+ evolution would show a decrease in level


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