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[Patch Notes 27th of October (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 27th of October (KLOH)] on Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:14 pm



[Patch Notes 27th of October]


  • Arena Scoring system has been adjusted and will be in beta for the next 2 weeks

  • Reduced the Attack Power buff penalty in Master and Royal Leagues
    Royal: 30% -> 10%
    Master: 15% -> 5%

  • When you're in Royal or Master League, you'll be matched to a Royal or Master League player randomly, you won't be able to select a target.

  • At the weekly reset, you will now start at 2 ranks below the rank you finished, Royal will be treated the same as master league (Example: Royal/Master starts at Platinum, Diamond starts at Gold)


  • Changed the functionality of the Send Expedition button, after you are sent to the formation screen and close the screen, you're sent back to the mine you originally found or the mine that you had selected

  • Expedition time and joining rules have changed

    The initial expedition takes 50 minutes, during this teams can join the mine

    The last 10 minutes the expedition will advance, during this time teams can't join the mine

  • Added name of the mine leader to the mine list

  • Added total team power to the formation interface within the mine


  • Added the Artifact Book, which can be found in the options menu near the Hero's Handbook

  • Artifact Book has replaced the Hero Combination menu, which can now be found in the Hero's Handbook

  • All available Artifacts can be seen in the Artifact Book, and each Grade and effect per artifact

  • Added a message to Artifact Evolution when using another artifact as material to notify it will be consumed

[Quality of Life]

  • Added Automatic Equip button when a hero is not wearing any armor or weapon

  • Automatic Equip will Equip the highest strength gears from your inventory

  • Changed the quantity notation on Bounty Hunter, it will now show the rewards received plus bonus rewards for higher difficulties


  • Collect Pestle and Mortar pieces event has ended, NPC and item will be removed next update

  • Transcendence chance up event has ended

  • Legendary/Mythic Descent cooldown reduction has ended

  • Hot time events have ended

[Bug Fix]

  • Fusion no longer exposes Evolution materials

  • Fixed an issue where the compensation reward mark would not disappear until the window is closed

  • Fixed an issue where hero combos weren't working properly

  • Fixed an issue that'd not show the power of the demigod if an artifact was evolved

  • Fixed an issue when using heart fragments the comma would disappear

  • Fixed an issue where the cumulative contribution in the guild wasn't shown

  • Fixed an issue where the 3x3 formation wasn't correctly applied in mining

  • Fixed an issue with the Camera not rotating properly due to environment


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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