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[Patch Notes 20th of October (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 20th of October (KLOH)] on Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:35 pm



[Patch Notes 20th of October]


  • Expanded Player Level to Lv.70, Maximum Adventurer's Energy increased to 350

  • Expanded item per slot from 9.999.999 to 99.999.999

  • Added 30 slots to the Equipment Inventory

  • Added Artifact Evolution cumulative bonus system, when you fail to evolve an artifact, you will get an additional bonus chance

    When there is no additional material: 2% bonus
    When there is additional material: 10% bonus

  • Artifact Effects are now applied in Mining and Throne wars

  • Added a new Artifact for War God Taihu, 'Furious Black Greatsword'
    Effect: Upon entering battle, applies Fear by chance to Enemies in an X area based on the enemy with the highest HP, Feared enemies cannot act for 1 turn or until attacked.

  • Added Tier 10 Legendary Equipment boxes to Robin's Guild War Medal exchange, up to 5 boxes can be purchased

  • Added Tier 7 and 8 Mythic Equipment boxes to Menelaus's Mythic Medal exchange


  • Legendary/Mythic Descent cooldown reduction event has started
    Duration: 20th of October - 27th of October
    Info: Legendary Descent cooldown reduced to 1 day, Mythic Descent cooldown reduced to 2 days (Cooldowns are reset to 0 days at event start.)

  • Transcendance Chance Up event has started
    Duration:20th of October - 27th of October
    Info: 50% higher chance of transcending and bonus chance

  • Taihu Artifact Cumulative Purchase event has started
    Duration: 20th of October - 27th of October
    Info: Spend Cash to get Taihu Artifacts, Every 100000 Won spent grants you 1 Artifact, up to 5 at 500000 Won

  • Autumn 777 event has started
    Duration: 20th of October - 26th of October
    Info: Item gift every day:
    20th of October - 777 Artifact Fragments
    21st of October - 7 Legion of Heroes Mythic Tickets
    22nd of October - 777 Rune Essence
    23rd of October - 777 Demigod Essence
    24th of October - 7 Doppelganger Queen Tickets
    25th of October - 7777 Jewel Powder
    26th of October - 777 Hearts

  • Fixed an issue with the Hot Time events not working in the weekend, therefore Phase 3 Hot Time will be running until 27th of October

  • Rita's Discount event has ended

  • Jewel Inscription Triple Chance has ended

[Quality of Life]

  • When a Demigod is equipped as a knight but their mythic skill can be leveled up, an Exclamation mark will be shown on the hero that has it equipped

  • Fixed the description of the Equipment Hire Ticket

  • Fixed an issue with Gabriel's Artifact

  • Fixed an issue where Raguel's Artifact would apply to War God Taihu

  • Fixed an issue with Mythic and Demigod Raid party score display

  • Fixed an issue with the Tower of Chaos Tutorial


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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