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[Patch Notes 22nd of September (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 22nd of September (KLOH)] on Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:28 pm



[Patch Notes 22nd of September]


  • 'Equipment Hire Chance UP!' Event has started
    Duration: 22nd of September - 29th of September
    Info: Increased chance to hire Artifacts and Artifact Fragments

  • Events - Hot time events that were shown in the upcoming event list  will be integrated on weekends and weekdays

  • When pressing 'Move' on an Event in the Event list, you'll now open the NPC Dialogue instead of moving to town


  • Added weekly continuous missions

  • Once you completed all regular missions, weekly continuous missions will be unlocked

  • 8 tasks can be completed per day, you earn rewards for individual tasks and for cumulative rewards based on how many tasks you complete per week

  • *Nottingham, Star Bridge, Pendragon, Mystia and Elfheim servers get this update on friday, all users who completed 48 tasks or more will get an additional reward next maintenance

  • Cumulative Rewards:
    200 Hearts - 8 Missions Completed
    500 Dragon Heart - 16 Missions Completed
    100 Soul Gem - 24 Missions Completed
    1000 Rune Essence - 32 Missions Completed
    1 Legendary Jewel Box - 40 Missions Completed
    1000 Artifact Fragments - 48 Missions Completed
    200 Soul Gem - 56 Missions Completed

  • Added knight system tutorials to the regular missions


  • When a replay is played, additional information is displayed

  • Guild name is displayed when viewing a replay


  • Cumulative contribution system is added

  • Cumulative contribution is displayed below the current contribution notation

  • The normal contribution number is reset weekly but the cumulative contribution will not be reset

  • Cumulative contribution is reset when leaving the guild

  • Content that earns contribution: Tower of Chaos / Mining / Chaos Abyss / Bounty Hunter

  • Contribution earned prior to this patch is not added to the cumulative contribution

[Chrono Store]

  • Elixer of Descent has been removed from the Chrono Store

  • Rune Essence chance of appearing will be increased


  • Phase Rift / Bounty Hunter / Exploration Ruins - Re-numbered the resets available

    Old: Number of Resets performed (Ex: 2/3 = 2 resets used)
    New: Number of Resets available (Ex: 1/3 = 2 resets used)

  • Mail with Adventure Energy can now be received with the 'Receive all' button

  • Reduced the size of Knight Portraits in the knight list

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where the name of the sender in a mail containing Adventure Energy would be blank

  • Fixed an issue where certain actives were activated even when the ring active was activated with a low chance

  • Fixed an issue where if heroes died their Fury Skill would still show up to be able to be activated

  • Fixed an issue where the result screen of Adventurer's Journal would overlap the reward screen

  • Fixed a display bug with Artifact Fragments number when evolving an Artifact using an Artifact Catalyst


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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