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[Patch Notes 14th of September (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 14th of September (KLOH)] on Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:01 pm



[Patch Notes 14th of September]


  • Demigod Heroes have been rebalanced in PvP

  • This only applies to Arena, Coliseum, Mining, Guild War and Throne War

  • Demigod PvP damage reduced by 10%

  • Demigod PvP Critical damage reduced by 10%

  • PvP Skill Scaling for Fallen Angel Camael and Goddess of Vengeance Nemesis reduced from 300% to 250%

  • Additional adjustments will be reviewed in the coming 2 weeks and might be changed depending on the situation


  • 'Adventure Journal Hard Mode reward chance up' Event has ended

  • 'Rita's Discount X Rita's Increased Chance up' Event has ended

  • Added gold bars, sacks and chests to NPC Suleiman

[Adventurer's Journal]

  • Improvements have been made to Adventurer Journal Hard mode

  • Increased the number of special rewards by 20% to 100% depending on the stage

  • Moves to the last episode you were on when changing between modes

  • Battles remaining per episode is now shown with little ball icons

  • Added an effect when switching between modes

  • Story mission list is improved

  • A button is added to the mission/quest indicator to switch between mission/quest


  • Removed 'Buy an item from Chrono Store' daily mission

  • Added 'Complete Phase Rift Once' daily mission

  • Added 'Complete Bounty Hunter Once' daily mission

  • Changed 'Complete Daily Missions' from 4 to 5


  • When viewing the list of knights, locked heroes will now also be displayed but can't be selected

  • Heroes that don't meet hero, grade or level condition are also output

  • You can now access Class Change directly from the hero menu

  • Hero effects are optimized

  • Fixed an issue where equipping Remiel's artifact would change her myth skill


  • Doubled the amount of Mythic Medals paid from bi-weekly Mythic Raid

  • Fixed an issue where a myth raid boss would randomly attack

  • Fixed an issue with Demigod Raid Michael's 9th turn attack

  • Fixed an issue where party invites wouldn't always work in Demigod Raid

  • Fixed an issue where after playing Demigod Raid in a party, demigod animations weren't shown in Explore


  • Locked items will now shown in the Reinforce active material list but can't be selected


  • Fixed an issue where the top part of the window of the costume window overlays Chaos Abyss

  • Removed sound effect of the side event when logging in

  • Changes made in the Privacy Policy and Operational Policy in the options menu

  • Added a delete account button on the account link page


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