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[Patch Notes 7th of September (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 7th of September (KLOH)] on Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:00 pm



[Patch Notes 7th of September (KLOH)]


  • 'Adventurer's Journal - Hard Mode Reward Up' Event has started
    Duration: 7th of September - 14th of September
    Increased quantity of reward: Legendary Essence, Rune Powder
    Increased chance of reward: Jewel Powder, Dragon Heart, Orichalcum, Rune Essence, Demigod Essence, Artifact Fragment

  • Event window will be modified to display Burning Time progress and remaining time

  • August Event NPC 'Kaguya' will be removed

  • August Event items will be removed (Mysterious Secret Box, Mysterious Secret Key, Lost Handcuff)

  • Additional rewards for playing Tower of Chaos 10 times will be reopened

  • Fixed an issue where Gold Increase events weren't applied correctly to all modes

[Adventure's Journal]

  • Hard Mode is improved

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't view the amounts of resets you had used

  • Monster Level will be outut in the episode window of Hard Mode

Hard Mode gold and EXP rewards are increased

  • Added an arrow button to the episode window to make it easier to navigate to next/previous episode

  • When switching to the Hard Mode page, the latest story page opens

  • Added information about Adventurer mode to the VIP benefits


  • Fixed an issue where buffs and debuffs weren't removed correctly when being revived by the Phoenix effect

  • Fixed an issue where setting the initiative in a certain mode would overlap the initiatives for mines

  • Removed the initiative bar from hero info -> details

  • When you have unspent Player Skill points, an exclamation mark will be shown on the Player
    Skills tab

  • Fixed an issue where 'Raguel''s surround effects weren't output in the overworld

  • Fixed an issue where Fallen Angel, Camael's skill effect would stay in the overworld

  • Fixed an issue with Zodiac Warrior Titus' costume effect not working properly in certain modes


  • Changed the icon on the hero interface when a hero doesn't have an artifact equipped

  • When you get an Artifact it is now locked by default

  • An error message will be shown when trying to use a locked Artifact as evolution material

  • When an Artifact is equipped, an Icon will be displayed next to their power number on the deployment screen

[Challenge / Mission]

  • Added a Challenge to complete Legendary Raid

  • The mission for Adventurer's Journal and Tower of Chaos will now take your directly to the correct content

  • Fixed an issue where finishing a tutorial mission would lock you into the Tutorial mission NPC list

  • Fixed an issue with some exploration missions not being finished even if you completed a higher floor


  • Demigod Raid (BETA) has been opened

  • Demigod Raid reward Artifact Fragments will be increased to double the amount


  • Abundance time is changed to 32 hours after activation

  • If you have a position buff, you can check the range of attack / defence buffs of the player's skill effect

[Chrono Store]

  • Added 'Adventurer Journal - Hard Mode reset ticket'

  • Lowered the price of Artifact Fragments

  • Changed the 700 Artifact Fragments to 1000 Artifact Fragments


  • Fixed an issue where using Automatic Reinforcement at Rita didn't display the correct percentages

  • Legendary Jewels are now named with a prefix and skill level of the Engraved Inscription

  • Fixed an issue where certain items weren't displayed correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the replay of Throne Wars would go black when a hero descended into Demigod


Questions? Errors?
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