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[Patch Notes 28th of July (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 28th of July (KLOH)] on Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:43 pm



[Patch Notes 28th of July (KLOH)]


  • 'Summer Attendance' Event has started
    Duration: 28th of July - 31st of August
    Info: Attendance reward changes
    3 day: 200 Heart Fragment -> 1 Legendary Ticket
    7 day: 800 Heart Fragment -> 1 Special Chance Ticket

  • 'Summer Special' Event has ended

  • NPC Yukio will be removed next week


  • Changed the tooltip of vampire related skills
    Recovers HP -> Sucks blood to restore HP

[Mythic Raid]

  • Mythic Raid reset time has been changed to Thursday morning 2 am KST, after 1 am you will be forced out of Mythic Raid


  • When matching someone in Master Rank with a higher score than yourself, their portait will be hidden


  • Dragon Equipment can no longer be used as material for Active Strengthening

  • Changed the position of the lock icon on the equipment

  • When equipping equipment from the bag you can now press the magnifying glass button to compare to current gear


  • You can now use friend assist in the Adventurer's Journal Normal Mode, you can disable assists for Adventurer's Journal and Tower of Chaos

  • If you are married for 14 or more days, divorce is now free


  • Added a formation layout button to each content for convenience

  • If the free hire cooldown is less than a minute it will displayed as 1 minute instead of 0 minutes

  • Orichalcum Season 1 exchange is removed from NPC Camillian

  • Changed some '6 star' ticket names to Normal Rank tickets

  • Adventurer's Energy maximum push notification is default set to on

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where the total combat power of your deploy was incorrect

  • Fixed an issue with buying multiple heart packages from the shop

  • Fixed an issue where weakness expose was not applied correctly in mines

  • Fixed an issue where Enmity was not applied correctly in mines

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate items

  • Fixed an issue where the season of the main was displayed next to the name in the Chain of relations

  • Fixed an issue with Kai's skill not displaying Bow Damage increase

  • Fixed an issue with Beauty of the Beach Sarah costume skill effect

  • Fixed an issue with Gan Ning's costume having an incorrect walking animation


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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