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[Patch Notes 14th of July (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 14th of July (KLOH)] on Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:35 pm



[Patch Notes 14th of July (KLOH)]


  • 'Summer Special! It's hot, we need Fans and Beef Curd!' Event has started

    Duration: 14th of July - 28th of July
    Info: Collect [Fan] and [Beef Curd] to exchange for items

    Once a day [Beef Curd] can be collected at NPC Sea Fairy Ione

    Collect [Fan] by completing Daily Missions (Exploration Ruins, Myth Raid, Arena)

    Bring the [Beef Curd] and [Fan] to NPC Yukio to exchange for rewards

    Reward Shop:
    2x [Beef Curd] + 6x [Fan] - Special Chance Ticket (Max.1)
    2x [Beef Curd] + 6x [Fan] - Legendary Jewelry Box (Max.1)
    1x [Beef Curd] + 3x [Fan] - Mythic Select Ticket (Max.1)
    1x [Beef Curd] + 3x [Fan] - Active Strengthening Box (Max.1)
    1x [Beef Curd] + 1x [Fan] - 1000 Legendary Essence (Max.3)
    2x [Fan] - Premium Jewelry Box (Max.5)
    2x [Fan] - 300 Rune Essence (Max.4)
    1x [Beef Curd] - 300 Hearts (Max.4)

  • 'Rita's Discount' Event has started

    Duration: 14th of July - 21st of July
    Info: Discount on Enhancing gear through Rita (Discount Table added below)
    *Tower 'General' gear excluded

  • 'Premium Jewelry & Beyond Equipment Discount' Event has started

    Duration: 14th of July - 21st of July
    Info: 40% Discount on Beyond Equipment and Premium Jewelry Boxes in the Cash Shop

    Beyond Equipment Box 10+1 Bundle: 500 Soul Gem -> 300 Soul Gem
    Beyond Equipment Box: 50 Soul Gem -> 30 Soul Gem
    Premium Jewelry Box 10+1 Bundle: 100 Soul Gem -> 60 Soul Gem
    Premium Jewelry Box: 10 Soul Gem -> 6 Soul Gem

  • 'Legendary Jewel Re-roll Revert Discount' Event has started

    Duration: 14th of July - 21st of July
    Info: When re-engraving Legendary Jewel, the price to revert to the previous engraving is reduced from 100 -> 50 Rune Essence

  • 'Transcendence Success Rate UP!' Event has started

    Duration: 14th of July - 21st of July
    Info: 50% higher chance to succeed transcendence

  • 'Myth & Demigod Hire Chance UP!' Event has started

    Duration: 14th of July - 21st of July
    Info: Higher chance to get Demigod or Premium Myth from premium hires

    Premium hire 1-10th Hire:
    Demigod 0.1% -> 0.3%
    Premium Myth 0.2% -> 0.5%
    Regular Myth 10%
    Legend 30%
    General 59.7% -> 59.2%

    Premium hire 11th Hire:
    Demigod 1% -> 3%
    Premium Myth 2% -> 5.01%
    Regular Myth 97% -> 91.99%

    Special Hire:
    Demigod 1% -> 3%
    Premium Myth 5%
    Regular Myth 94% -> 92%

  • 'Adventurer's Journal Legendary Essence increase' Event has ended

  • 'Collect Rainbow Beads' Event has ended

[Adventurer's Journal]

  • You can now receive a push notification when your adventurer energy is fully charged (Can be turned on/off in the options menu)

  • Added Heart Fragments to the rewards of Adventure Normal mode

  • Adventurer's Journal normal mode sweep during Hot Times will be apply the exp bonus


  • When Purchasing Hearts for Soul Gem they will now be automatically added

  • You can now check the chance information on the top right of the special hire interface

  • Deleted some items from the store: Small gold bundle, large gold bundle, small gold sack, large gold sack, small gold box, large gold box

[Phase Rift]

  • You can now use Soul Gem to re-open the Phase Rifts of other days


  • When using Limit Break, you can now select the doppelganger queen you want to use

  • When using EX Evolution you can now check the top-level hero first

  • Added Awakening Button to the hero information interface

  • When your hero is in Mine War or Throne War you can now use these functions: Fusion, Ex Evolution, Demigod Transcendence, Demigod Fusion, Skill Level up and Myth Skill Level up


  • Merged all equipment ratings into one system (S1R1 = Rank 1, S1R2 = Rank 2, S2R4 = Rank 10 etc.)

  • The rank is indicated on the item icon

  • The outline color of the equipment changes according to the grade

  • The passive and active of an item are now indicated on the item icon

  • The color of the jewelry socketed on equipment is now indicated on the item icon


  • If the turn is delayed for various reasons, the option to force turns is added

  • Speed: 0.5x - 12 min, 1x - 6 min, 2x - 3 min, 3x - 2 min


  • Player name, total combat strength and adventure point are displayed on the main screen

  • Daily Challenge and Weekly Challenge Soul gem rewards now count towards the monthly soul gem achievements

  • Main hero chain of relations will be unified into ´Season´

  • All event items until the monthly event are deleted

[Bug fix]

  • Fixed an issue where weakness expose is not correctly applied in Arena

  • Fixed an issue where the icon for auto battle is displayed in the wrong battles

  • Fixed an issue where guild members were displayed incorrectly in the guild search list

  • Fixed an issue when inputting the amount to use for Adventurer's Energy

  • Fixed an issue where boss levels in Adventurer's Journal normal mode were incorrectly applied

  • Fixed an issue where the close button of Adventurer's Journal did not work

  • Fixed an issue in Episode 5-8 where the battle turns into infinite turns and doesn't end

  • Fixed an issue where <White Tiger, Kagei> was not displayed as obtained in the Hero Handbook while having her

  • Fixed an issue where a resurrected hero using a skill would display the wrong portrait

  • Fixed an issue with the constellations of the demigod

  • Fixed an issue where Abyss floor 11-20 bosses would glitch out their HP bar when using reduced recovery debuff

[Rita's Discount Prices]

  • Level/Rune Essence/Gold/Runestone/Rune Powder


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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自業自得 (Raven/까마귀13)
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