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[Patch Notes 30th of June (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 30th of June (KLOH)] on Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:33 pm



[Patch Notes 30th of June (KLOH)]


  • 'Adventurer's Diary - Increased Legendary Essence' event has started

    Duration: 30th of June - 14th of July
    Info: x1.5 Legendary Essence from Normal Mode - Adventurer´s Diary

  • 'Legendary and Mythic Descent Cool down reduction' event has started

    Duration: 30th of June - 14th of July
    Info: Legendary Descent cooldown reduction from 30 days -> 1 day and Mythic Descent cooldown reduction from 60 days -> 2 days
    *Cooldowns will be reinitiated to 0 days when the event starts

  • 'Rita's Discount' event has ended


  • Knights can now be added to the main hero

  • 4 Knights can be equiped regardless of Rebirth and Rank, Demigods cannot be equiped

  • While Knights are equiped, Rebirth and Class Change are not available

  • Knight relations can be distinguished by their name color in the information window

    Grey: Not owned
    White: Owned but not equiped
    Green: Equiped

  • Main Hero Knight Combo:

    Combo 1: <William>, <Sarah> - +5% Defence
    Combo 2: <Tiphareth>, <Ione> - +10% HP
    Combo 3: <William>, <Sarah>, <Tiphareth>, <Ione> - +15% Crit. Dmg

  • Added a help button to the Knight System window

  • Hero Information menu will be reorganized

  • Leader change button has moved to Achievement Profile Menu (Green Button)

  • Added buttons for Limit Breakthrough and EX+ evolution to the Hero Information menu

  • Moved the equipment unequip button next to the detailed view button

  • The costume effect of Dragon Queen Empress Sun Shangxian: Remove Debuff and Increase Fury Consumption are now combined to a single debuff

  • Added <Haniel> and <Doomsayer Tiphareth> to the [Myth Selective Ticket] and [Legendary/Mythic Select Tickets]


  • Added batch disassembly to Jewels

  • Renamed the [Convenient Jewelry Box] to [General Jewelry Box]


  • Removed daily mission 'Participate in Mine War once' (It will be added again after reorganization)

  • Changed daily mission 'Attempt Tower of Chaos 10 times' to 'Attempt Normal Mode Adventurer´s Journal 5 times' and changed the reward to 10 Legendary Essence

  • Changed daily mission reward for 'Complete all daily missions' from 50 Legendary Essence to 10 Soul Gems

  • Changed weekly mission reward for 'Complete all weekly missions' from 200 Legendary Essence to 30 Soul Gems

[Ruins Exploration]

  • Fixed a problem where formations would change randomly even if the saved formation has all heroes available

  • Options for continous battle in the Exploration Ruins like ´Use Quick Battle´ and ´Stop battle when hero is injured´ are now saved

[Tower of Chaos]

  • Fixed an issue where during party battle, heroes are sometimes invisible during the deployment screen

  • When pressing the Hero Info button in Tower of Chaos, the Hero Information button is opened

[Bounty Hunter]

  • Fixed an issue where some bosses strenght was abnormally high

  • Fixed an issue where Vanessa on difficulty level 4 progressed abnormally


  • Season 6 items are removed from NPC Robin's Exchange shop

  • [Guild War Medal S6] will be changed to [Old Guild War Medal]


  • Moved the [S2R4 Legendary Equipment Box] to the top of NPC Menelaus's Exchange shop

  • Fixed a problem in Adventurer´s Journal's Progression mode where moving to the next episode wouldn't always work

  • Fixed an issue where the Mythic Raid boss Remiel did not use her full attack skill

  • Changed the season 2 orichalcum in Chrono Store to Orichalcum (Prices are not changed)

  • Fixed an issue where the manage Mail Reception options did not function properly

  • Moved the confirmation/cancel button for Mythic Select Ticket

  • Moved the confirmation/cancel button on Phase Rift


Questions? Errors?
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