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[Patch Notes 16th of June (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 16th of June (KLOH)] on Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:06 pm



[Patch Notes 16th of June (KLOH)]


Various Events will be Launched to celebrate the 'Beyond Update'!

  • 'Collect Rainbow Beads' event has started

    Duration: 16th of June - 14th of July

    How to Participate: Collect ´Rainbow Beads' daily and get rewards for collecting them, 5 'Rainbow Beads' are sent by mail daily.

    5 Beads - 600 Rune Essence
    10 Beads - 1000 Dragon Hearts
    15 Beads - 2000 Legendary Essence
    20 Beads - 3200 Orichalcum
    25 Beads - 1 Active Strengthening Wand Box
    30 Beads - 5 Season 2 Rank 3 Legendary Equipment Box
    40 Beads - 30 Pink Love Dust
    50 Beads - 1500 Rune Essence
    60 Beads - 2 Active Strengthening Wand Box
    70 Beads - 2000 Enhanced Catalyst
    80 Beads - 1 Mythic Ticket
    90 Beads - 1 Mythic Select Ticket
    100 Beads - 1 Ticket: <Baby Big Tao - Legendary A>
    110 Beads - 1 Special Chance Ticket
    120 Beads - 1 Legendary Jewelry Box
    130 Beads - 3000 Dubious Essence

  • 'Adventure Again' event has started

    Duration: 16th of June - 14th of July

    How to Participate: Earn 'Golden Feathers' by playing the newly added Repeat Adventure and exchange the feathers for rewards.
    *Feathers cannot be obtained when the 'Material' bag is full

    1 Feather - 10m Gold (Max.30)
    3 Feather - 300 Hearts (Max.10)
    5 Feather - 1 Legendary Ticket (Max.10)
    5 Feather - 100 Tower Sweep Coupon (Max.5)
    10 Feather - 1000 Jewel Powder (Max.5)
    10 Feather - 10 Elixer of Descent (Max. 3)
    20 Feather - Ticket: <Doppelganger Queen - Legendary A> (Max.3)

  • 'Beyond Update Commemorative 7-day Attendance' event has started

    How to Participate: Claim your reward daily on the Event Board

    Day 1: Mythic Select Ticket*
    Day 2: 5 Season 2 Rank 3 Legendary Equipment Boxes
    Day 3: 3000 Dragon Hearts
    Day 4: 3 Legendary Select Tickets*
    Day 5: 3 Premium Jewelry Boxes
    Day 6: 2000 Hearts
    Day 7: Premium Mythic Select Ticket**

    *Legendary Select Ticket: Select 1 Legendary Hero
    *Mythic Select Ticket: Select 1 Mythic Hero
    - Heroes up to <Dark Prince Harry> can be selected.

    **Premium Mythic Select Ticket: Select 1 Premium Myth
    - Heroes up to <War God Big Tao> can be selected.

  • 'Rita´s Discount' event has started

    Duration: 16th of June - 22nd of June

    Info: Costs for upgrading Legendary, Mythic and some special types of gear are reduced

    *Price reduction can be found on the bottom of this note

  • 'Double Jewelry - Tower of Chaos' event has ended


  • Constellation Completion Skill will be added to the Demigod Constellation, this skill will be automatically applied as the total level of the Constellations are learned.

    Part 1: The number of turns required to Transcend is decreased by 1.
    Part 2: +10000 Strength
    Part 3: +10000 Intelligence
    Part 4: +10000 Agility
    Part 5: +25% Attack

  • When a Demigod used for Transcendence is higher in Rank than the base hero or has at least 1 Constellation learned, a confirmation screen will pop up

  • Improvements to the Constellation window have been made to display your Gold and Dubious Essence

  • Demigod related battles in Throne Wars are sped up

[Hero - EX+ Evolution]

  • Mythic Heroes that have reached their Maximum Level through Limit Breaking can now be Transcended beyond rank EX by absorbing Legends and Myths up to EX+5 Rank.

  • Legendary, Mythic and Doppelganger Queen heroes can be used as material to acquire evolution experience to level up the rank of your hero

  • When using a Legendary, 500 Evo.EXP is earned, 1000 Evo.EXP for Mythic and Doppelganger Queen (In cases of Rank A)

  • Using the same Legendary Hero as the base hero will earn 1000 Evo.EXP instead and 1500 Evo.EXP if itś the same Mythic Hero (in cases of Rank A)

[Main Character Mythic Skill]

  • Main Hero can now learn one of several Mythic Skills

    Available Myth Skills:
    Grudge - Start with fury. (300 at Lv.4)

    Guardian - Shield allies in a row. (4 turns at Lv.4)

    Impregnable Fortress - Reduces damage taken from monsters for allies in a row. (Can be stacked up to 60%) (50% at Lv.4)

    Sword Saint - Increase Critical Damage and Activation chance of Swords (20% at Lv.4)

    Elemental Ruler - Increase Critical Damage and Activation chance of Staves and Tomes (20% at Lv.4)

    Spear God - Increase Critical Damage and Activation chance of Spears (20% at Lv.4)

    Cannon Master - Increase Critical Damage and Activation chance of Cannons (20% at Lv.4)

    Gun Slinger - Increase Critical Damage and Activation chance of Guns (20% at Lv.4)

    Axe Master - Increase Critical Damage and Activation chance of Swords (20% at Lv.4)

    Bow Master - Increase Critical Damage and Activation chance of Bows (20% at Lv.4)

    Combat Instructor - Increase attack of Melee heroes (30%/10 turns at Lv.4)

    Archmage - Increase attack of Magic heroes (30%/10 turns at Lv.4)

    Operations Commander - Increase attack of Ranged heroes (30%/10 turns at Lv.4)

    Transcendentalist - Grants immunity for status effects (5 turns at Lv.4)

    Ray of Light - Grants immunity for status effects for allies in a cross (4 turns at Lv.4)

    Age - Reduce enemy fury (300 at Lv.4)

    Precision Strike - Increase Min. Damage (50% at Lv.4)

    Monster Expert - Increase damage dealt to bosses (50% at Lv.4)

    Training Instructor - Increase EXP earned from battles (25% at Lv.4)

    Multi-Millionaire - Increase gold and item drops earned from battles (200%/100% at Lv.4)

    Blessed Spirit - Grants health Regen for a few turns (20%/3 turns at Lv.4)

    Phoenix - After taking fatal damage, you'll be reborn (50% at Lv.4)

    Gladiator - Increase PvP damage dealt and decreased PvP damage taken and become immune to critical hits. (50%/50% at Lv.4)

    Fighting Spirit - Grants immunity from critical hits to allies in a cross (4 turns at Lv.4)

  • Mythic Skill can be leveled up using Dragon hearts like any other hero, but can be leveled up to Level 4 regardless of rank

  • Main Hero can change Mythic Skill for free, however, new mythic skills will need to be leveled up by using Dragon Hearts, leveled up mythic skills will stay leveled up

[Ring Slot and Awakening]

  • Ring Slots are no longer opened through Awakening, you can now permanently unlock the Ring Slot by using Nectar, click on a locked Ring Slot to unlock it

[Adventure Journal Organisation - Story Mode and Normal Mode]

  • After completing Story Mode of each Episode, you can proceed to Normal Mode

  • Normal Mode has a slightly level of Monsters than Story mode, but you won't have to move to the map

  • In Normal Mode, collect stars according to the Victory of the battle, you´ll receive additional rewards based on the number of stars collected

  • Normal Mode consumes Adventurer Energy, Adventurer Energy is recharged every 10 minutes, depending on your VIP level the charge rate and maximum Adventurer Energy will increase

  • Adventurer Energy can be purchased in the Shop

  • You can use Tower Sweep or Rapid Battle in Normal Mode combat

  • Bonus rewards are increased per VIP level

[Ruins Exploration / Phase Rift / Abyss]

  • Ruins Exploration has been expanded to Stage 9, the Immortal has been moved from 8-11 to 9-11

  • Difficulty Level of Phase Rift has increased to Rank 8, when completing a Rank 8 Phase Rift, you´ll earn 600 Element Stones and 600 Enhanced Catalysts

  • The cost of resetting Phase Rift has been reduced:
    1st time - 10 Soul Gem
    2nd time - 15 Soul Gem
    3rd time - 20 Soul Gem
    4th time - 25 Soul Gem
    5th and more - 30 Soul Gem

  • Abyss has been expanded to Floor 51-60. the reward for completing floor 60 is [Season 2 Rank 4 Dragon Weapon Select Box]

[Bounty Hunter]

  • Bounty Hunter has been reorganized, you can now select your difficulty and select one of the boss monsters you want to challenge

  • You only need to win once against your selected boss monster and difficultly, the battle begins without having to move to the map

  • After finishing the battle you can reset the battle by using Soul Gems, up to 3 times a day depending on VIP level

  • Rewards are sent by mail just like before, and rewards for lower difficulty are awarded by completing a higher difficulty


  • A new hero, <Baby Big Tao> will be added to Premium Hire and Legendary Hire, you can also get a Legendary Rank A ticket of <Baby Big Tao> from the 'Collect Rainbow Beads' event

  • <Baby Big Tao>

    Ranking: Legendary
    Weapon: Bow
    Fury Cost: 200
    Fury Skill: Attack enemies in a column and charm them for 2 turns, decreases fury consumption for allies in a column by 50%.
    Mythic Skill: Increase the amount of gold earned, increase the item drop rate and increase the amount of EXP earned in battles.
    Knight Combo:
    <Sarah>, <William>, <Lady Hwang>, <Zhuge Liang>

  • The price for Elixir or Descent has been reduced from 24 -> 12

  • Tabs of the store have been reorganized for convenience, some items have been merged together with a purchase limit (Dragon Heart/Dubious Essence etc.)

  • Some products have been removed

[S2R4 Equipment Release]

  • Season 2 Rank 3 Equipment can be evolved to Season 2 Rank 4 at Blacksmith Brock, this will cost 4800 Orichalcum and 4800 Element Stones

  • Old Mythic Medals have been removed and replaced with Rune Powder depending on how many you had

  • Mythic Medals are changed to Old Mythic Medals which can be exchanged for S2R2 Mythic or S2R3 Legendary in the Old Items tab

  • In the new Mythic Medal shop, you can exchange medals for S2R4 Legendary and S2R3 Mythic gear

  • Old Bravery Medals have been removed and replaced with Rune Powder depending on how many you had

  • Bravery Medals are changed to Old Bravery Medals

  • Glittering Bravery Medals are changed to Bravery Medals

  • New Glittering Bravery Medals can be exchanged for S2R3 Legendary Gear

[Orichalcum Consolidation]

  • Orichalcum has been integrated into one item

  • Season 1 Orichalcum will be changed to Orichalcum at a 5:1 Ratio

  • Season 2 Orichalcum will be changed to Orichalcum at a 1:1 Ratio

  • Season 1 Orichalcum required to evolve gear will be changed to Orichalcum at a 5:1 Ratio

  • Season 2 Orichalcum required to evolve gear will be changed to Orichalcum at a 1:1 Ratio

  • Season 1 and 2 Orichalcum earned from Bounty Hunter will be changed to Orichalcum

  • Added Orichalcum Mines to Sky Meadow, Tragic Tundra and Atlantean Crux

[Active Enhancement Changes]

  • Active Enhancement has been changed, actives can now only be increased with same grade equipment

  • S2R3 gear no longer takes S2R2 as material

  • S2R4 only uses S2R4 material


  • Guilds can now setup conditions for joining the guild:
    Immediate Approval - New applicants will be approved instantly

    Sign-up Approval - Same as the old system, new players have to be approved by the guild

  • You can set up minimum Attack Power as a requirement for immediate approval settings, your total attack power can be found in the achievement information and is updated once a day, if  a player does not meet this requirement they cannot join the guild

  • In the Guild Invitation window you can invite any user you´ve recently interacted with


  • The following Missions have been added:
    - Daily - Complete all daily missions
    - Weekly - Complete Phase Rift 5 times
    - Weekly - Complete all weekly missions
    - Beginner - Join or Create a guild
    - Beginner - Get an Arena Rank
    - Beginner - Get a Mythic Mode Myth raid rank
    - Beginner - Complete Easy or Normal mode of Myth Raid
    - Beginner - Complete an area of Exploration Ruins

  • Decreased two mission requirements on popular request:
    - Daily - Participate in the Arena 5 > 1 times
    - Weekly - Participate in the Arena 35 > 15 times

[Quality of Life updates]

  • You can now skip hiring heroes and extracting essence

  • Added 11x hire to legendary hires

  • Default number of Tower Sweep has been set to maximum

  • Jewel Powder and Jewelry Boxes can now be used continuously

  • When equipping Jewels, the order of the jewel list has changed to have the highest rank Jewels on top

  • SS and Legendary Jewelry will have a confirmation window when you try to extract them

  • Added mail options to block mails

  • You can now unequip all of a heroes gear by clicking the unequip all button if you have enough bag space


  • Total Attack Power has been added to your achievement information, Total Attack Power is based on the power of all of your heroes

  • To avoid confusion, the image on the Mythic Descent menu has changed to Princess Adrastea

  • EX Enhancement phrases will be added to equipment tips

  • Fixed some tool tips of Legendary Equipment

  • Auto Sale window in Progress Mode will be removed, this function only works in Rapid Battle

  • Tower Sweep coupon item will be renamed to Tower of Chaos Sweep coupon

  • Added <Dark Prince Harry> to Select Tickets

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed an issue where the screen does not center on your heroes

  • Fixed an issue where the active of Eradicator Rings did not activate

  • Fixed an issue of the ON/OFF setting of automatic termination when there is no experience gain or if the bag is full

  • Fixed an issue where quickly entering the arena caused an infinite loading screen

  • Fixed an issue where the demigod wouldn´t transform during Mining Battles

  • Corrected the tooltip for the active of Seal of the Realm

[Rita's Discount Prices]

  • Level/Rune Essence/Gold/Runestone/Rune Powder


Dragon/Seal of the Realm:


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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