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[Jewelry and Engraving Guide]

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1 [Jewelry and Engraving Guide] on Sat May 27, 2017 12:08 am



[Jewelry and Engraving Guide]

Weapons can be Enhanced by equipping Jewels to their Sockets

Types of Jewelry

<Ruby - Jewel of Strength>

Rank D - 1000 Strength
Rank C - 1800 Strength
Rank B - 3000 Strength
Rank A - 4400 Strength
Rank S - 6000 Strength
Rank SS - 8000 Strength
Rank Legendary - 10000 Strength

<Emerald - Jewel of Agility>

Rank D - 1000 Agility
Rank C - 1800 Agility
Rank B - 3000 Agility
Rank A - 4400 Agility
Rank S - 6000 Agility
Rank SS - 8000 Agility
Rank Legendary - 10000 Agility

<Sapphire - Jewel of Intellect>

Rank D - 1000 Intellect
Rank C - 1800 Intellect
Rank B - 3000 Intellect
Rank A - 4400 Intellect
Rank S - 6000 Intellect
Rank SS - 8000 Intellect
Rank Legendary - 10000 Intellect

<Topaz - Jewel of Vitality>

Rank D - 500 Vitality
Rank C - 1000 Vitality
Rank B - 1700 Vitality
Rank A - 2600 Vitality
Rank S - 3700 Vitality
Rank SS - 5000 Vitality
Rank Legendary - 7000 Vitality

<Garnet - Jewel of PvP Damage>

Rank D - 2.50% PvP Damage
Rank C - 4.00% PvP Damage
Rank B - 6.00% PvP Damage
Rank A - 8.50% PvP Damage
Rank S - 11.50% PvP Damage
Rank SS - 15.00% PvP Damage
Rank Legendary - 20.00% PvP Damage

<Amethyst - Jewel of Boss Damage>

Rank D - 2.50% Boss Damage
Rank C - 4.00% Boss Damage
Rank B - 6.00% Boss Damage
Rank A - 8.50% Boss Damage
Rank S - 11.50% Boss Damage
Rank SS - 15.00% Boss Damage
Rank Legendary - 20.00% Boss Damage

<Aquamarine - Jewel of Magical Resistance>

Rank D - 5.00% Magic Defense
Rank C - 8.00% Magic Defense
Rank B - 11.50% Magic Defense
Rank A - 15.5% Magic Defense
Rank S - 20.00% Magic Defense
Rank SS - 25.00% Magic Defense
Rank Legendary - 20.00% Magic Defense

<Diamond - Jewel of Physical Resistance>

Rank D - 2.50% Physical Defense
Rank C - 4.00% Physical Defense
Rank B - 6.00% Physical Defense
Rank A - 8.5% Physical Defense
Rank S - 11.50% Physical Defense
Rank SS - 15.00% Physical Defense
Rank Legendary - 30.00% Physical Defense

How to obtain Jewelry
1.) Tower of Chaos floor 70-100 may drop Jewelry Boxes
2.) Guild Hideout - Mimi's Eggs may give you Jewels
3.) NPC Jarek will trade Coliseum Coin for Jewelry Boxes
*Jewels will be stored in your Inventory > Materials

How to Increase Grade
Visit NPC Camillian in Nottingham Village and select the Jewelry option (2nd option)

1.) Information of the Selected output Jewel, you can click the jewel icon for detailed information
2.) Select the quantity to create
3.) Materials required for the total quantity of Jewels you want to create
4.) Your resources
5.) Select a Jewel Type and Rank
6.) Select a Jewel you'd like to create

How to Use Jewels
Weapons have Jewel Sockets

1.) Select a weapon and attach a Jewel to the Socket. (Extra sockets can be unlocked with Rune Essence)

2.) You can inspect and remove the Jewel by clicking on it. (There is no cost for attaching and removing Jewels)

*Jewels can be reused after removing

Legendary Jewelry

Legendary Jewelry are even more powerful and special than regular Jewels

Legendary Jewels are special Jewels with Engravings, they are more powerful than Regular Jewels

Legendary Jewels can be obtained by using [Jewel Powder] which is obtainable by disassembling regular Jewels, when using [Jewel Powder] to obtain a Legendary Jewel, a random one is selected out of the 8 variants.

Legendary Jewels can be attached to a socket on a weapon, like regular Jewels, but you can only equip one Legendary Jewel per weapon regardless of the type.

How to Obtain Legendary Jewels

1.) Disassemble Regular Jewels
2.) Collect 10.000 [Jewel Powder] (A random number of [Jewel Powder] is obtained from Disassembling Jewels, higher rank Jewels give more powder.)
3.) Create the Legendary Jewel (consumes 10000 [Jewel Powder])

Legendary Jewel Stats

Ruby - 10000 Strength
Emerald - 10000 Agility
Sapphire - 10000 Intellect
Topaz - 7000 Vitality
Garnet - 20.00% PvP Damage
Amethyst - 20.00% Boss Damage
Aquamarine - 20.00% Magic Resistance
Diamond - 20.00% Physical Resistance

*PvP Damage Jewels will be in-effect during PvP siuations only
*Boss Damage Jewels will be in-effect during PvE situations with bosses only
*Other Jewels will immediately increase your stats

Jewelry Effects and Engraving
Unlike Regular Jewels, Legendary Jewels have special engravings

The Legendary Jewel can be Engraved to change their Inscription type and Level

Engraving a Legendary Jewel costs 1000 [Jewel Powder], 1000 [Nectar] and 1.000.000 Gold

After Engraving, you can select the Revert button to keep your old Engraving, this costs 100 Rune Essence.

The active effects of Engravings


    Name: Absorb Fury
    Classification: Active
    Attack Range: Single Target
    Effect: Steal Fury


    Name: Dispel Debuff
    Classification: Active
    Attack Range: Column
    Effect: Removes debuffs from allies in a 3x3 area


    Name: Increase Attack
    Classification: Passive
    Attack Range: None/Default
    Effect: (Passive) Increase Attack


    Name: Increase Critical Damage
    Classification: Passive
    Attack Range: None/Default
    Effect: (Passive) Increase Critical Damage

When equipping a Legendary Jewel, the Active of a weapon will be replaced by the Engraving of the Jewel regardless of Active or Passive jewel

When equipping a Legendary Jewel, the active level of the weapon and the active level of the Engraving of the Jewel are summed up

The Active effect of Legendary Jewels is determined based on the level from 1 to 20, the lowest chance is at Lv.1 (5%) and the highest chance at Lv.20 (100%)


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


Guide/Translation by Raven @

自業自得 (Raven/까마귀13)
My Youtube Channel

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