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[Patch Notes 26th of May (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 26th of May (KLOH)] on Thu May 25, 2017 7:45 pm



[Patch Notes 26th of May (KLOH)]


  • 'Double Jewel' Event has started

    Duration: 26th of May - 16th of June
    Info: Double Jewel Boxes dropped from floor 70-100 in Tower of Chaos

  • 'Pendragon Royal Family Month' event has ended, the NPC's will be removed during next maintenance

  • 'Rita's Discount' event has ended

  • 'Soul Gem Item Discount' event has ended

  • NPC Princess Adrastea will be removed

[Doppelganger Queen]

  • You can now replace 1 Hero Required on the Dubious Contract with a Myth EX Doppelganger Queen

  • Doppelganger Queen can now be ranked up to Mythic

  • Doppelganger Queen can be fused to Demigods and grant the same EXP as a Mythic Hero, Doppleganger Queen's Rank will not affect the EXP gained

  • You can now use Doppleganger Queen as a substitute hero in Legendary Descent, the same way regular Doppelgangers work

[Legendary Jewelry and Engraving]

  • Added Legendary Jewelry which can be obtained by using [Jewel Powder]

  • You can disassemble Jewels straight from your Inventory, [Jewel Powder] is obtained from disassembling Jewels

  • Using 10000 [Jewel Powder] you can obtain a Legendary Jewel

  • Legendary Jewels will have one of the Existing Jewel inscriptions as well as 1 of the Weapon Inscriptions, the type and level of the inscriptions are random upon acquisition

  • When a Legendary Jewel is equipped to a weapon, the Active of the weapon is replaced by the Jewel's Active

  • The active level and activation chance is determined by the active level of the weapon and the active level of the Jewel

  • You can only equip 1 Legendary Jewel per weapon regardless of the type

  • You can Engrave the Jewel by pressing the 'Engrave' button on the item tooltip of the Legendary Jewel

  • Engraving a jewel costs 1000 [Jewel Powder], [1000] Nectar and 1 million gold, this will give you a new, random Active Skill inscription on your Jewel

  • If you don't like the new skill and level after Engraving, you can return to the previous Inscription by using [Rune Essence]


  • Changed the [Colorful Jewelry Box] and [Colorful Jewelry Box Bundle] items to [Premium Jewelry Box] and [Premium Jewelry Box Bundle], all of the colorful jewel boxes in the inventory will be replaced by Premium Jewelry boxes

  • [Premium Jewelry Box] will give you a random Jewel above rank B or a Legendary Jewel

  • Removed [Monthly Limited - 1000 Dragon Heart]

  • Removed [Monthly Limited - 450 Season 2 Orichalcum]


  • Hero Production interface has been reorganized

  • The Hero Descent Menu has been changed to Hero Production, from here you can access Alchemy/Legendary Descent/Mythic Descent/Demigod Dubious Contracts

  • The NPC that offered Alchemy and Dubious Contracts will be removed

  • Changed the Functionality of [Jewelry Box D~B Rank] from Tower of Chaos, you will now get Jewels directly from the box instead of ranked boxes

  • In Challenge Mode Mythic Raid, the top 30 scores will now update in real time

  • Added Help Pages for Legendary Jewels, Jewel Disassembly and Engraving Jewels

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed an issue where heroes consumed by Fusion would remain in the hero list

  • Fixed an issue where the demigod could not be seen

  • Fixed the boss name on floor 87 from Ella -> Sarah

  • Fixed an issue with Progression mode in Tower of Chaos


Questions? Errors?
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