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[Patch Notes 19th of May (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 19th of May (KLOH)] on Fri May 19, 2017 2:29 am



[Patch Notes 19th of May (KLOH)]

[Mythic Raid]

  • Changed Mythic Raid Challenge Mode boss HP to unlimited, instead of the Boss HP bar it will now show how much damage is needed to Achieve the next Rank

  • Changed Round Number in Challenge mode to display Turn Number instead

  • Added a shortcut button to the Myth Raid interface to access Mythic Medal Exchange shop

[Tower of Chaos]

  • Added Auto Battle Progress mode, during progress mode the game will automatically move to the next floor until you are defeated

  • Added the option to use Friend Assist heroes during Tower Sweep (One assist will be used per Tower Sweep)


  • 'Rita's Discount' event has started

    Duration: 19th of May - 26th of May

    Info: Discounted costs for Gold, Runestone, Rune Powder and Rune Essence when reinforcing equipment through NPC Rita for Legendary equipment, Mythical equipment, Dragon weaponry, Seal of the Realm and Rudolph's Headband

*Discount per item level and type on the bottom of the note

  • 'Soul Gem Shop discount' event has started

    Duration: 19th of May - 26th of May

    Info: 30~60% off of various Soul Gem items in the Cash Shop

  • 'Premium Hire - Triple Mythic Chance' event has started

    Duration: 19th of May - 28th of May

    Info: Tripled chance to Hire Mythic Season Mythic heroes from Premium and Special Hires

  • 'Double Exploration Reward' event has ended

  • 'Demigod Transcendence - Who is Next?' event has ended

[Exploration Ruins]

  • Reduced the cost of re-starting daily Exploration Ruins
    The cost will be increased each time you re-start your progress

  • Daily Restart Cost:
    1st Restart - 10 Soul Gem
    2nd Restart - 15 Soul Gem
    3rd Restart - 20 Soul Gem
    4th Restart - 25 Soul Gem
    5th Restart - 30 Soul Gem


  • Changed the description and effect of the 'Commitment' Mythic Skill

    After entering battle, deals unremovable armor-piercing Magic Bleeding Damage to the enemy team for a certain amount of turns

    After entering battle, deals unremovable Bleeding damage in proportion to the enemy's health for a certain amount of turns

  • Added a description to Demigods in the Hero Handbook


  • Fixed NPC Drake in subquest ''The Endless Voyage of Captain Drake'' so he would not die during battle


  • Added '30-day Rune Essence Subscription' Package
    Price: 22000 won

    200 Rune Essence per day for 30 days
    1000 Rune Essence (paid once)
    220 Mythic Essence (paid once)

  • Added Rune Essence Package
    Price: 22000 won (Max. 10 Purchases)

    2400 Rune Essence
    220 Mythic Essence

  • Added Runestone Package
    Price: 9900 won (Max. 10 Purchases)

    22000 Runestone
    100 Mythic Essence

  • Added Orichalcum Package
    Price: 33000 won (Max. 10 Purchases)

    3200 Season 2 Orichalcum
    330 Mythic Essence

  • Added Element Stone Package
    Price: 9900 won (Max. 10 Purchases)

    32 Element Stone Select Box (100pcs.)
    100 Mythic Essence

  • Removed Monthly Heart Subscription Package

  • Removed Beginner Battle Package

  • Removed Premium Settlement Package


  • Fixed a bug where completing a stage in Abyss would not unlock the next stage

  • Fixed an issue where characters in the friend invitation list would appear as duplicates

  • Fixed an issue where Contribution Points were incorrectly calculated in Mining and Throne War

  • Fixed an issue where a message was displayed when failing to collect resources in the Guild Hideout

  • Fixed an issue where automatically collecting resources in the Guild Hideout would occasionally collect the wrong resource

  • Fixed an issue where Red Coupon Pieces were dropped on floors below 50

[Rita's Discount - Numbers per item level]

  • First image is for Legendary and Mythical equipment

  • Second image is for Dragon Equipment

  • Left image per sector is default, right image is discount

  • Format:
    Level / Rune Essence / Gold / Runestone / Rune Powder


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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自業自得 (Raven/까마귀13)
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