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[New Costume Release <Thales>, <Black Lion Komareo>, <Huang Zhong>, <Remia> - 19th of May]

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[New Costume Set ''Abnormal Summit'' Release 19th of May]

Wallpapers will be released at a later point.

<Thales - Solar King>

Fury Skill: Attack enemies in a 3x3 area, increase your attack for 2 turns, increase your critical damage and damage dealt to bosses and become immune to critical hits.

<Black Lion Komareo - Cowboy>

Fury Skill: Attack enemies in a 3x3 area, drawing their aggression and has a high chance to stun them for 2 turns, reduces their attack and defence and creates a shield that protects you from a certain amount of damage, increases your healing gained while the shield is up.

<Huang Zhong - Cheongsam>

Fury Skill: Attack enemies in a column, dealing bleeding damage over time in proportion to their remaining health, silencing them for a turn and removing their buffs.

<Remia - Yukata>

Fury Skill: Attack enemies in a 3x3 area, dealing bleeding damage over time and decreasing their attack for 2 turns, increases attack and damage dealt to bosses for 1 turn.


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