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[Patch Notes 12th of May (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 12th of May (KLOH)] on Fri May 12, 2017 9:19 pm



[Patch Notes 12th of May (KLOH)]


  • 'Ruins Exploration - Double Reward' Event has started

    Duration: 12th of May - 19th of May

    Info: Double Dragon Heart and Dubious Essence reward from Daily Exploration Ruins

    *Weekly rewards are not doubled

  • 'Solvent Michael - Triple Demigod Chance' Event has started

    Duration: 12th of May - 19th of May

    Info: Tripled chance to hire a <Demigod Rank A - Solvent Michael> from 10+1 Premium hire and Special Chance hire from the Cash Shop

  • 'Good Morning' Event has ended

  • 'A good day to Descent' Event has ended


  • Basic attack of <Solvent Michael> has been buffed

  • Fixed an issue where the ability values of <Solvent Michael> were displayed on the wrong line

  • Fixed an issue where <Doomsayer Tiphareth> could not Transcended beyond Mythic Rank S


  • Added '7-day High Speed Growth' Package

    Price: 33000 won

    300 Soul Gem per day for 7 days
    1x 330 Mythic Essence

  • Added 'Premium Settlement' Package

    Price: 28900 won

    10+1 Premium Hire
    5x Mythic Ticket
    10x S2R3 Legendary Equipment Box
    5x S2R3 Legendary Ring Box
    6x Book of Heroes Lv.100
    1500x Heart
    120x Tower Sweep Coupon
    10x Quick Battle Coupon (100)
    300x Mythic Essence


  • Fixed an issue where the Formation Number would disappear while working on your arena formations


  • A question mark is now displayed on the Event Board when a reward is available for claiming

  • A question mark is now displayed on the Abyss when a reward is available for claiming


  • Fixed the description of the Seal of the Realm


  • Fixed an issue where making multiple purchases from an NPC wouldn't display the correct number of messages, you'll now get 1 message per item when you purchase multiple items

  • Fixed an issue where the game would stop when you call in an Assist hero


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


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