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[Patch Notes 28th of April (KLOH)]

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1 [Patch Notes 28th of April (KLOH)] on Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:15 pm



[Patch Notes 28th of April (KLOH)]


  • 'Pendragon Royal Family Month' Event has started

    Duration: 28th of April - 25th of May

How to Participate:
1: Once a day, Visit NPC Elegant Karinna to receive 3 [Red Coupon] and 1 [Yellow Coupon]

2: Use the [Red Coupon] at NPC Gareth to enter a dungeon with various bosses, defeat the bosses to get the [Moon Box]

[Moon Box] Content
One item randomly from:
Mythic Ticket
Legendary Ticket
30 Enhanced Catalyst
50 Rune Essence
5 Million Gold

3: During the event, play Tower of Chaos to earn [Red Coupon Piece], you can earn 1 to 3 per floor from floors 51 to 100.

Using 100 [Red Coupon Piece] at NPC Harold to exchange for 1 [Red Coupon] (Max. 10000 Exchanges (100 Red Coupons))

4: Spend [Yellow Coupon] at NPC King Arthur's Exchange Shop

Exchange Shop Content
5 [Yellow Coupon] - 1000x Dubious Essence (Max. 1 Exchange)
4 [Yellow Coupon] - Mythic Ticket (Max. 2 Exchange)
3 [Yellow Coupon] - Active Strengthening Staff Box (Max. 2 Exchange)
2 [Yellow Coupon] - 500x Dragon Heart (Max. 2 Exchange)
1 [Yellow Coupon] - 200x Heart (Max. 4 Exchange)

  • Good Morning' Event has started

    Duration: 28th of April - 11th of May

Info: 100% chance for open Ring Slot Awakening

  • 'A good day to Descent' Event has started

    Duration: 28th of April - 11th of May

Info: Cooldown reduction for Legendary Descent and Mythic Descent
Legendary Descent - 30 days -> 1 day
Mythic Descent - 60 days -> 2 days

  • 'Scattered Heart' Event has ended

  • 'Transcendence Chance Up' Event has ended

  • 'Legendary Essence Extraction' Event has ended


  • Fixed an issue where 'Solvent Michael' gained a misplaced Immunity icon after transforming

  • During Party Play, the same demigod can transform (Example: 4 Players can now use Solvent Michael during Mythic Raid)


  • Fixed an issue when changing Party Leader to 'Goth Maid Erin' where the players guild name and character name would change

  • All battles except some quest battles have changed to start in your favor


  • Fixed an issue where Exchanging your Dragon Weapon would not count the consumed Soul Gems for your monthly missions

  • Fixed an issue where the question mark from Monthly Missions would not disappear upon claiming your reward

[Exploration Ruins]

  • Players who beat 8-10 will now start at 8-1 instead of 7-1

  • Changed 'Immortal Boss' 8-11's HP to 5 Trillion

[The Abyss]

  • Changed Boss 11-20's HP Regeneration  to be affected by the 'Healing Reduction' debuff skill


  • Changed the Cursed Weapons so it becomes locked upon acquisition


  • Added Superior Guild Member to guild positions

  • Changed the Recruitment system to automatically change users rank to full Member after 24 hours

  • Fixed an issue in Gathering

  • Fixed an issue where penalties were not applied


  • Magic Defence balance of nearby heroes has changed in Mining Contest


Questions? Errors?
Feel free to send me a PM at LINE ID: TheRavenProductions


Guide/Translation by Raven @

自業自得 (Raven/까마귀13)
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